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Session 1: Introduction to Library-Related Theological Research
Session 2: Searching Library Catalogs
Session 3: Periodical Indexes
Session 4: Websites
Session 5: Humanities Resources for Theology Students
Session 7: Resources in Biblical Studies, Church History, Theology & Philosophy
Session 8: Resources in Church & Society, Pastoral Theology


Session #6: Social Sciences Resources for Theology Students

Library catalog------------------------------------------Research Resources

I. The Social Sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics

A. Their modernity

B. Their relation to religion

C. Their expression at Drew University

D. Their usefulness for ministry


II. Psychology

A. Its place in Dewey: 100s

B. Its founders

1. Among them, William James

2. The intimacy and tensions of Psychology with religion

C. Its subdivisions: bordering on medicine at one end and sociology at the other

D. Its popularization: self-help genre of books

E. Its import for social change

F. The Catalog

1. Encyclopedias

a. Encyclopedia of Psychology [Ref. 150.3 E566e]

b. Online: Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology(Credo Reference)

2. Bibliographies: .016 in Dewey

G. Index: PsycInfo

1. American Psychological Association

2. Roots in 19th century

3. 2 million records

4. Coverage: Books, essays, articles, conference papers

5. Thesaurus

6. Reference lists accompany recent articles

7. Limiting searches

a. By publication type (PT)

b. By classification number (CL)

c. By peer-review

d. By references

8. Building and combining searches

9. Using the thesaurus

a. Capitalism and Christianity

b. Capitalism and Christianity as keywords

H. Websites: Library homepage: Electronic Resources in Psychology


III. Anthropology

A. Origins

B. Definition

C. Relation to religion

D. Its place in Dewey

1. A fuller Dewey: 306 and 573

2. Physical and cultural anthropology

E. Catalog

1. Physical anthropology

2. Cultural anthropology

a. anthropology NOT physical

b. browsing for cultural anthropology

c. Ethnology

d. Religion and culture

3. Encyclopedias

a. Anthropology encyclopedias

b. Look at record #1 and its LCSH headings

(1) Ethnic relations

(2) Searching on Ethnic relations:

(a) Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups

(b) Ethnicity—Dictionaries

(c) Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies

(d) Return to Harvard Encyclopedia

[1] Suggestions at the right

[2] Minorities, leads to more records

(e) Encyclopedia of Multi-Ethnic America

4. Bibliography: note the website that has been cataloged

F. Index: Anthopology Plus

1. Harvard's Tozzer Library

2. Christianity and capitalism

G. Websites

1. Library homepage: Electronic resources in anthropology

2. U.S. Government documents

a. Library of Congress country studies

b. Dept of State Background notes
click on Major Publications

c. CIA: World Fact Book


IV. Sociology

A. Origins

B. Defintion

C. Relation to religion

D. Its place in Dewey

E. Catalog

1. Encyclopedias

a. Encyclopedia of Sociology [2000]

b. International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2001)

(1) Philosophy vs. Religion

(2) Disciplines as porous

(3) Religion and other topics

c. International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences (1968)

(1) Its distinction

(2) Bellah and Geertz

(3) Bounded disciplines

d. Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (1930)

e. Encyclopedia of Social Work (Oxford Reference)

2. Bibliographies

a. Religious topics

b. Max Weber

F. Index: SocIndex

1. Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

2. Thesaurus

a. Example of capitalism

b. Expandability

c. Example of Christianity

d. Capitalism and Christianity

e. Christianity—Protestantism—Methodism

3. Websites are included

4. Peer-reviewed are identified

G. Websites

1. Library homepage: Electronic resources in sociology

2. U.S. Government documents

a. U.S. State Dept. government documents

(1)Country reports on human rights practices

(2) International religious freedom report

(3) Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

b. GPO Access

a. Resource list

b. U.S. Government Manual

c. Searching by keyword: Example of: ijtihad

d. Finding government documents in the Library

(1) Library homepage: Library guide to documents

(2) Recent documents in catalog

(3) Filed by Sudoc number in Documents room

c. U.S. Census Bureau

a. The challenge of religious statistics

b. Statistical Abstract

d. Helpful websites for government documents

3. U.N. documents

a. Documents

b. Statistics

4. Online research papers: Social Science Research Network



7. American Religious Identification Survey

8. Hartford Institute of Religion Research

9. Religion Satistics

a. Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches

b. Religious Congregations and Membership in the United States


V. Economics

A. The “dismal science”

B. Relation to religion

1. Capitalism vs. socialism

2. Rational self-interest vs. agape

3. Democracy vs. theocracy

4. Social issues

C. Its place in Dewey: 330

D. Catalog

1. Encyclopedias

2. Bibliographies

a. Government documents

b. Bibliographies in books

(1) Towards a Christian Economic Ethics

(2) MARC record shows bibliography

E. Index: Econlit

1. American Economic Association

2. Christianity and capitalism

3. (Christian* or religio*) and capitalism

F. Website: Recent papers in economics

1. Capitalism and Christianity

2. capital* and Christian*

VI. Other catalogs



1. Find the definition of asceticism in the online Penguin Dictionary of Psychology.

2. In PsycInfo, find the article, "The Globalization of Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity," by Joel Robbins. In what journal is this article found? What sort of journal is it? Would you have found this article in ATLAS?

3. Cite the article from (2) according to Chicago style

4. In PsycInfo, find the article, "The Psychoreligious Roots of Violence," by Ronald Johnson. Is this an article in a journal? What sort of article is this? Cite it according to the University of Chicago Manual of Style.

5. Use PsycInfo to find an article (not a book review) about the psychology of the prophet Ezekiel.

6. Use Sociological Abstracts to search for articles on Christianity. In Advanced Search mode, enter Christianity as a descriptor. How many results do you get?

7. Use Sociological Abstracts to find the article, "Globalization, Social Policy, and Christianity at the Dawn of the Millennium," by Otto Maduro. Cite this item according to Chicago style.

8. Use Sociological Abstracts to search for articles on the relationship between Christianity and capitalism.

9. Use Econlit to find articles on the relationship between Christianity and capitalism.

10. Use Anthropological Literature to find articles on the relationship between Christianity and economics.