Academic Enrichment Development

                            Success in college is related to the application of a combination of skill sets that reflect both
                            academic and non-academic development.  These skill sets are commonly referred to as:  critical
                            thinking skills, language art skills, computational skills, analytical skills, communication skills,
                            interpersonal skills, self esteem, and self confidence.  All students who come to college possess
                            these skill sets but at various phases of development.  The purpose of the academic enrichment
                            development activities sponsored by the EOS Program at Drew University is to assist students in
                            assessing their particular level of development and to provide them with opportunities to improve
                            and strengthen those areas that need to be addressed.

                            One of the most important elements of student success in the EOS Program at Drew University
                            has been the presence of community within the students in each entering class.  This presence of
                            community is important as it provides students with common bonds and friendship that will carry
                            them through the challenges of the summer program and throughout their undergraduate study.

                            In the photographs that follow, is one example of an activity that has been used to create and
                            develop the presence of community within the entering class.  The EOS students in the
                            photographs are participating in a weekend retreat that required them to engage in activities
                            that required teamwork to complete successfully.  This particular retreat activity occurred at
                            a camp site in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.



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