EOS Student Council Constitution

                     Article I

                            The organization shall be known and cited as the Drew University Educational
                            Opportunity Scholars Student Council.

                            Hereinafter referred to as E.O.S.S.C.

                     Article II
                            Drew University Educational Opportunity Scholars Student Council Umbrella:

                            This organization shall operate under the umbrella of the New Jersey Educational
                            Opportunity Fund Professional Associationís Student Development and Leadership
                            Program (N.J.E.O.F.P.A.) and the ďAlliance of E.O.F. Students of New JerseyĒ (A.E.S.N. J.).

                     Article III
                            Mission Statement:

                            The mission of the E.O.S.S.C. at Drew University is to develop strategies and programs
                            which enhance the academic, economic, social and political (capabilities/ well being) of the
                            E.O.S. Student Community.

                            This mission reflects the resolve of the E.O.S.S.C. to impact upon the future directions of the
                            E.O.S. Program, to provide leadership development opportunities for students, and share a
                            civic and social responsibility for societal concerns by attempting to improve the quality of
                            life within the E.O.S. community and the at large community.

                     Article IV

                            Under the guidance of Drew Universityís Educational Opportunity Scholars Program, the
                            E.O.S.S.C. will pursue the following purposes:

                                            1)  Strengthen the ability of Educational Opportunity Scholars to gain the necessary
                                                 resources for improving their effectiveness in meeting their needs in a demanding
                                                 educational environment;

                                           2)  Provide leadership training opportunities for Educational Opportunity Scholars;

                                            3)  Exercise social responsibility through community service;

                                            4)  Support state-wide educational and legislative initiatives sponsored by A.E.S.N.J.

                            The Drew E.O.S.S.C. chapterís governing body shall convene on at least a bi-weekly basis
                            during the academic year, September through May.  Additional meetings, time and place,
                            may be called by the E.O.S. Program Coordinator.  All such meetings shall be open to the
                            general membership of the chapter, unless such meetings are in executive session.

                            Chapter membership meetings shall be held on a monthly basis.  Notice thereof
                            shall be given at least ten business days prior to any meeting.

                     Article V
                            Chapter Composition Conditions:
                            Designated chapter membership must be responsible for:

                                            1)  Overall direction, coordination and supervision of the chapterís activities
                                                  and programming;

                                            2)  Assuring the receipt, expenditures of A.E.S.N.J. and/ or chapter funds;

                                            3)  The chapters membership is at minimum to consist of ten students,
                                                 and 70% of all members must be in good academic standing at all times;

                                            4)  There must be an official advisor, an E.O.F. professional, currently employed by
                                                  the institution.

                            All Chapter members are eligible voting members for the purposes of casting an individual
                            vote for State-Wide Board of Director candidates.

                     Article VI
                            Executive Council Guidelines:

                                            1)  The Council shall consist of those students elected from their prospective classes
                                                 at the end of the academic year.  The incoming freshmen class shall elect their
                                                 representative at their first class meeting.

                                            2)  The Council shall have no fewer than eight members. It shall consist of a president,
                                                 vice-president, administrative officer, fiscal officer, fund-raising coordinator, activities
                                                 coordinator, and four class liaisons.

                                            3)  The Council must discuss the bylaws, and the duties of officers annually before the
                                                  Constitution is adopted.

                                            4)  The Council may amend and modify the bylaws and duties of the officers annually
                                                  during the month of September.  Each amendment or modification must be approved
                                                  by 3/4 of the Councilís membership.

                                            5)  The Constitution shall automatically go into effect as it is currently written or with
                                                  modifications and amendments added to it on October 1st of each academic year.

                                            6)  In case of ties in electing officers, the Council shall hold a second voting procedure.

                                            7)  Bylaws may be added to the Constitution after October 1st of each academic year,
                                                  however, they may not become effective until the next academic year.

                                            8)  Once the Executive officers have been elected, the E.O.S. Counselor will serve as
                                                 advisor to the Council.

                                            9)  In consultation with the E.O.S. Counselor, and when necessary, the E.O.S. Director,
                                                 the Council shall determine how it will implement its goals.

                                         10)  Essential activities of the E.O.S. Council on an annual basis shall include:
                                                        a.  Recruitment
                                                        b.  Planning and attending activity days and conferences
                                                        c.  Plan the annual dinner for graduating seniors
                                                        d.  Fund-raising activities

                                         11)  Other activities are to be determined by the Council as are deemed necessary.

                        Article VII
                                Duties of Executive Council Officers:

                                A.  President

                                            1.  Coordinate the administration of the councilís activities.

                                            2.  Preside at all meetings of the council.

                                            3.  Serve as an ex-officio member of all planning and decision -making bodies.

                                            4.  Assume responsibility for coordinating the nomination and appointment process.

                                            5.  Serve as an E.O.S.S.C. liaison to the A.E.S.N.J.

                                            6.  Delegate to the officers fulfillment of such duties and invitations that come within
                                                 the scope of their assignments;

                                             7.  Approve all items of financial transaction relevant to the E.O.S.S.C.

                                             8.  Prepare with the assistance of the board an annual report which presents
                                                  information on the status of the organizationís operational plans, goals, and
                                                  objectives, and include the status of itís fiscal condition.  This report shall be made
                                                  available to the organizationís membership, upon request.

                            B.  Vice President

                                            1.  Perform the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president.

                                            2.  Assist in the general administration of the councilís activities.

                                            3.  Serve as an E.O.S.S.C. liaison to the A.E.S.N.J.

                            C.  Administrative Officer:

                                            1.  Record all proceedings of the boardís meetings.

                                            2.  Prepare minutes from these proceedings and make these records available to the
                                                 council, and to the members upon request.

                                            3.  Keep on file all records, reports, correspondence and information necessary for the
                                                 function of the council.

                                            4.  Send all designated voice-mail, E-mail, and or letter correspondence to the E.O.S.

                            D.  Fiscal Officer

                                            1.  Assure the receipt and expenditure of funds in accordance with the directives
                                                 established by the student council.

                                            2.  Assist with the development of an annual budget.

                                            3.  Complete general financial reports and maintain ledgers.

                                            4.  Make financial records available to the student body, upon request.

                                            5.  Oversee all financial certificates issued along with the president.

                                            6.  Recommend finance and development fund programs/activities.

                                            7.  Make reports stating the financial status of council.

                            E.  Fundraising Coordinator

                                            1.  Work along with the Fiscal Officer and President to suggest, enact, and oversee
                                                 fundraisers for programs for the E.O.S. student body.

                            F.  Activities Coordinator

                                            1.  Work along with the Administrative Officer and President to suggest, enact, and
                                                 oversee various activities and programs and conferences for the E.O.S. student body.

                            G.  Class Liasions
                                  Each class (freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior) will elect one representative
                                  for a total of four representatives.

                                            1.  Each Class Liasion is to represent the concerns of his/her respective class at
                                                 E.O.S.S.C. meetings.

                                            2.  Actively work to find out what the particular views of the classmates are on topics
                                                 of relevance to the E.O.S.S.C.

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