A Historical Overview

                                      THE FUND

The Educational Opportunity Scholars Program at Drew University is a
                                partnership between the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education Educational
                                Opportunity Fund (to be referred to as the Fund) and Drew University.  This
                                partnership relationship between an institution of higher education and a state
                                regulatory agency is unique in both its character and practice.  It is unique because
                                of its history and the scope of accomplishments that have been achieved during its
                                thirty year existence in providing access to a college education for disadvantaged
                                students.  It is also unique because it provides its participants with professional
                                support services along with financial assistance.  Other programs in other states
                                primarily provide their participants with financial assistance as the main source of
                                support New Jersey's commitment to the complete and total development of its
                                program participants, over the years, has earned it the distinction of being a leader
                                in the education of disadvantaged students.  Since the Fund's inception in 1968,
                                well over 30,000 students have earned a college degree or certificate, thus allowing
                                them to break the cycle of poverty and improve the economics of New Jersey and
                                the nation.

                                The Educational Opportunity Scholars (EOS) Program at Drew enrolls as a target
                                goal, twenty first year students per year.  These students are required to participate
                                in our six week Summer Academic Enrichment Program before beginning the fall
                                semester.  For the current academic year, there are twenty two (22) first year
                                students enrolled through the program.  Students in the summer enroll in course
                                work to assist in their transition and adjustment from high school to college.  The
                                summer program is residential and students are aided in this process through the
                                assistance of a Summer Program Staff or Peer Counselors/Tutors.  Participants in
                                this year's program earned eight (8) college credits towards their degree and a
                                grade point average of 2.961.

                                Overall, the EOS Program at Drew University has been very successful in
                                accomplishing its primary mission of providing access and opportunities for
                                students to earn a college degree and to break the cycle of poverty of which
                                many of them have been enmeshed.  [The current average family income for
                                students in the EOS Program is $15,661 in contrast to the average family income
                                for New Jersey residents which exceeds $55,000].  In its twenty eight (28) year
                                history, the EOS Program has assisted over 240 students in earning their degree
                                from Drew University.

                                The following information provides a profile of student performance for the
                                completed 1997-1998 academic year:

  • 95% earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.00; of that group,

  • 58% earned acumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better.
  • There was a credit completion rate achieved of 93% [earned v attempted].
  • 26 students earned dean's list recognition.
  • 12 students were inducted into the Epsilon Omega Psi Honor Society.
  • 8 students were honored for their Academic Achievement by the

  • New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.
                            The Drew Educational Opportunity Scholars (EOS) Program supports talented and
                            motivated--yet financially and academically disadvantaged--students from New
                            Jersey in their study at Drew, a culturally, ethnically diverse college where every
                            student has an equal chance to succeed.  Through the EOS program, students
                            grow academically and personally as they gain a new, expanded view of the world.

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