Message from Cordelza Haynes

                 "Work must be inspired by the right ideals, and education
                 must not simply teach work, but life based on those ideals."
                                                                      By W.E.B. DuBois

                            This statement is as true today--even more so--as it was when first written.  To
                            contemplate it is to ask, "How, as we approach the 21st century, can I obtain
                            such an education?"  This is not an easy question.  The answer depends
                            on each person's values and aspirations--and, because each will have different
                            priorities, each will have a different definition of the life their education should
                            reach.  At Drew, we know how overwhelming the college selection process can
                            be.  It will not be the last of your life's major decisions, but it will be one of the
                            most important.  If you attend Drew, you will have chosen to attend an
                            institution committed to providing you with a traditional liberal arts
                            education--an education that values the learning process and cultivates
                            students both mentally and morally.  Such an education reminds students that,
                            as educated citizens, they have a responsibility to reach out to others--to
                            improve the community.

                            The challenges you face in your educational journey will be many.  As you
                            encounter them, it is important to remember two things.  The first is that,
                            at Drew you will not have to address them in isolation.  All of us in the
                            Educational Opportunity Scholars Program are committed to assisting
                            you through any ordeal that may confront you.  If you are prepared to
                            embrace these challenges as opportunities for growth, you will find their
                            lessons remain with you as long-term benefits.  The second thing to
                            remember is to cultivate your ability to remain in focus.  This ability, whether
                            it be called determination, persistence, or focus, is the means through which
                            you will eventually realize your goals.

                            The Educational Scholars Program at Drew represents a proud tradition
                            of success.  For over 25 years, it has been providing students with the
                            skills they need to succeed both at Drew and in their lives.  The program's
                            support services help students who might encounter initial difficulty in
                            adjusting to the academic rigor of college due to deficiencies in the quality
                            of their secondary school education.  Whatever the source of your difficulties,
                            we will work with you to overcome them.  The five professionals on our staff
                            take the process of education seriously, and will help you achieve your
                            goals--provided you are an active and energetic participant in that process.
                            The lessons you will learn from that participation will last a lifetime.

                            We believe, as we continue to create a community of scholars who are
                            courageous, confident, conscientious, and committed to a better future,
                            that we are "inspired by the right ideals."  You are more than welcome
                            to join the challenge.

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