The mission of the Educational Opportunity Scholars Program (EOS) at
                            Drew University is to provide opportunities for disadvantaged students to earn
                            a degree from a small, private liberal arts institution.  This mission is accomplished
                            through the initial selection and subsequent provision of support services to
                            qualified, motivated students.


                            1.  To enroll 10% of Drew's first-time-full-time students from New Jersey as
                                 participants in EOS Program.

                            2.  To increase the persistence of EOS pursuing degrees in mathematics,
                                 the sciences, computer sciences, and economics.

                            3.  To maintain 75% retention ratio at all semester cohorts of measurement.

                            4.  To increase the visibility and profile of the program on campus through training
                                 students in leadership skills.

                            5.  To increase the number and percentage of EOS students earning cumulative
                                 grade point averages of 3.00 or better.

                            6.  To maintain a minimum of 85% rate of EOS students satisfying institutional
                                 academic progress standards each year.

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