Educational Opportunity Scholars (EOS) Program
                                    Summer Academic Enrichment Program
                                     Peer Counselor and Tutor Application
                                                        2000 Summer

        I.          Job Description:
                    The EOS Peer Counselor and Tutor is responsible for assisting in the adjustment process of
                    incoming EOS Students participating in the Summer Academic Enrichment Program.  This
                    includes living in the residence hall, serving as a tutor and providing mature guidance and
                    direction to the students.  The EOS Peer Counselor and Tutor is responsible for enforcing
                    the rules and regulations of the Drew University campus and of the EOS Program.

    II.            Requirements:
                    The EOS Peer Counselor and Tutor must be a student in Good Academic Standing.  Good
                    Academic Standing is defined as possessing a cumulative grade point average of a least
                    a 2.50 and earning a minimum of 24 credits hours.  The EOS Peer Counselor and Tutor
                    must also be a student who has one or more of the following experiences/attributes:

  III.            Demographic Data:
                                A.    Name:  ___________________________________________________
                                B.    Campus Address (Box #):  _____________________________________
                                C.    Campus Telephone Number: ___________________________________
                                D.    Home Address:  ____________________________________________
                                E.     Home Telephone Number:  ____________________________________
                                F.     Current Year in School (i.e., first-year, sophomore, junior, senior, other):
                                G.     Major(s) and Minor(s): _______________________________________
                                H.     Cumulative Grade Point Average: __________ Credits Earned: _________

  IV.              Essay:      (You may use a separate sheet of paper to extend or to provide your answers).
                               A.    Briefly describe why you would like to become an EOS Peer Counselor
                                        and Tutor?

                                B.   Please explain the value that you believe Peer Counselors and Tutors bring to
                                       the Summer Academic Enrichment Program?

                               C.   Please explain what you believe should be the three main characteristics or traits
                                      an effective EOS Peer Counselor and Tutor should possess?

                               D.   Please describe your understanding/knowledge of the Educational Opportunity
                                      Scholars Program?

        PLEASE NOTE:    This application must be returned to Janice Gabbidon (x3209) along with two
                                        letters of recommendation by December 16, 1999.  Current EOS personnel are
                                        excluded from submitting letters of recommendations on behalf of applicants
                                        for this position.  At least one letter must come from a Drew Faculty member.
                                        Please make every effort to submit a complete application package.

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