Student Contract

     We have attempted to provide you with an understanding of the Educational Opportunity Scholars
     Program and the services you have the right to expect from us.  As a member of the program you also
     have responsibilities.  The EOS Grant Award is a scholarship.  Participation in the services provided
     by the program is available to all students who are a part of this program.  Read this document carefully
     and please feel free to discuss any items that you are unsure of.  Once you have signed this contract we
     will assume you are aware of your responsibilities and intend to fulfill them.

     The EOS Program is a community and your involvement, cooperation and assistance is vital to the
     integrity of the program, We are excited about having you as part of the Drew EOS Program and
     hope your experiences together will be rewarding to us all.

     Outlined, below, are the student responsibilities each of you must abide by during the course of your
     tenure as an EOS Student at Drew University.

     Student Responsibilities:

                  1.    Complete and submit all required materials when due, including yearly completion of
                         Financial Aid Application.
                  2.    Attend all classes.
                  3.    Be in class on time.
                  4.    Student must strive to achieve a “B” or better grade average in each course and
                         complete a minimum of 12 credits each  semester.
                  5.    Make full use of counselor(s) including director for academic, financial and personal
                  6.    Attend all assigned tutoring sessions.
                  7.    Develop and maintain good study habits.
                  8.    Attend all meetings and workshops scheduled by the EOS Staff.
                  9.    Maintain EOS Community Standards of Respect, Integrity and Honesty.
                10.   Abide by all Drew University Rules and Regulations.

     The EOS Grant Award is a scholarship.  The director reserves the right to terminate any student
     from the EOS Program who does not make satisfactory progress, and for violation of program
     policy and/or university rules and regulations.  The director also reserves the right to exempt students
     from readmission in the Fall and/or Spring Semesters.  Additionally, the director reserves the right
     to modify, withhold or suspend the EOS Award Grant.

     I have read the above and I am aware that any violation of student responsibilities and program
     policies will result in probation or immediate dismissal from the EOS Program.

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