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Welcome to my exciting gallery of crappy pictures!!!

The Gallery is divided into three sections: The Mystery Picture, Miscellaneous Pictures and Predator Pictures.  You click on a picture to go to the corresponding gallery.  It's not really rocket science...

Mystery Picture - Can you figure out what's going on in this picture? If you can, you could win a prize.

Miscellaneous Pics - Random pictures of me, my friends, places we've been, etc.

Predator Pics - Pictures I've altered to look as if they were seen through the eyes of Predator. A simulated thermal camera, if you will.


Mystery Picture

OK, I'm discontinuing the Mystery Picture because I got a grand total of three guesses over the course of three months, and two of them were from friends of mine. Also I meant to update the thing every month, but I suck at keeping up with updates. So yeah, that's the end of that. It was fun while it lasted. So what was the mystery pic? It's a guy pouring liquid oxygen onto a grill to ignite some charcoal briquettes. Read about it at this link if you're bored.

*Click on the picture for full-sized image*

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Miscellaneous Pics

The family.  Mom, me, my sister, and Dad.  I'd like to note that anyone can clearly see from this picture that I am, indeed, taller than my sister, beyond a shadow of a doubt.  So there, Beth :-P
Christmas Day, 2003. My sister is vaccuming my santa hat. One of my more inglorious moments...
Now, I love my sister, (awwwww) but somtimes i get the feeling she's really a robot sent from the future to kill me. Check out the left eye...
Christmas dinner, 2003. Dilligent observers may note the lack of traditional Christmas food. That's because my vegitarian sister cooked quiche this year. Now, it tasted pretty good, but quiche for Christmas? C'mon! I need some freakin meat around the holidays to counteract the warm fuzzy feelings. I tell ya, it's not easy being a carnivore these days...
These are the "the guys" (a.k.a. the gang, the click, the group, etc.)  They are my "boyz" from "the konk".  From left to right, Kevin, Pete, Dan, Tim, and Me.  This is the only pic I have of any significant number of "gang" members and I only have it cuz my mom took it on class night (hence the graduation gowns).  We're not big on the pictures.  Other "gang" members and "gang" affiliates not pictured are Erinn, Tracy, Kyle, Nik, and Ben.
This is Kevin's house, we usually walk in uninvited cuz his parents don't mind, and Kevin's always home anyway.
The couch in Kevin's living room.  We sit there while waiting for Kevin to come downstairs, or when we're watching T.V.  Yup, lotta history in that couch.
Kevin's T.V.
One of the main attractions in Kevin's house, the awesome fireplace.  This thing kicks ass.
Dan warming himself by the awesome fire.
Playing pool on the pool table in Kevin's basement
More pool
Pool again
Guess what? POOL!!!
This is Burrs Pond.  I could talk for hours about this place.  We usually refer to it simply as "The Pond".  We first discovered it when we were working on a summer project for AP Bio, and there was so much cool stuff, we kept going back.  BTW, these pics from the pond are some of the highest quality in the gallery, they are worth checking out just so you can see how badass my mom's digital camera is.
Another pic of the pond.  We've done some pretty random stuff here.  One night we lit off fireworks on some of the trails around the pond.  Another time we just drove down there with take-out from Wendy's and ate on the rocks for the hell of it.  Last winter, Kyle got his truck stuck in the slush at the bottom of the hill there, and we helped him get out.  Don't ask why he drove down there in the first place...
Dan at the pond. Dan and I often went to the pond to try to see the cool looking duck that lived there. That thing was hardcore, it had a bright red head that looked like it had been put through a blender. Other animal attractions include the snapping turtle Pete has vowed to kill, and the other, lamer ducks that live in the area. Besides a handful of fish and a few frogs, there seems to be no other wildlife at living in this pond. It was the worst possible place to do a biology project on.
I have no idea when this is from, I just think the wavy light patterns are cool.  That's Dan's head in the foreground.
Kevin in front of a house in Sharon.  Tim's friend Akil lives there.  This is cooincidently from the night we got frisked by a cop for allegedly "walking around at night". Read all about it in the archives under the title "Why I Hate Cops"
Akil's house from a distance.  Didn't come out too well cuz of the darkness and all.  The flash only works to about 6 feet, but my friends don't really understand photography, and explaining it to them doesn't accomplish anything.
Kevin making a rude gesture, this time in front of Hilary's house, also in Sharon.  I've never met Hilary, but I'm told she's Erinn's roomate.  We got the house number (44) in the shot to prove to Erinn that we'd been there (she did not accompany us on this particular trip, and Tim was insistant upon getting "proof").
This is the picture we were tryin to get when the cop showed up. As you can see, it was totally worth driving randomly around some wealthy and hopelessly boring suburb some 45 miles from home and getting harrassed by some douchey cops, just to get this absolutely fabulous visual documentation of a Starbucks. Can't find those things just anywhere you know.
The last picture I took before leaving Sharon.  It's from the sign in the parking lot where we parked.  Funny that the cops bothered us for just walking around, when they could have busted us for parking in a private lot; a "legitimate" crime.
Fireworks from that infamous night in April 2003.  I believe this is the Wild West going off.
More fireworks from that night in April.  This particular battery was placed on a pole and set off in a parking lot.  The blue and reddish lights in the lower left are reflections from the lights on Tim's van (a.k.a. "The Van")
My house adorned with a plethora of political signs that my friends graciously "borrowed" from the neighbors in order to surprise my partents (I was 5 hours from home at the time)

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Predator Pics


For those of you who came to this page looking for pictures of the predator from the all new, piece of shit Alien vs. Predator movie, (and I know from the visitor logs that 90% of my traffic these days is made up of you people) I'm sorry to dissapoint. That's not what this page is for. However, so you won't leave here empty handed, here's a picture of predator from the original movie, which kicked ass. Enjoy.


And now for the true purpose of this page....

Below are some random pictures I took with the digital camera and then screwed with until they looked cool.  I call them predator pics cuz they remind me of the thermal vision the Predator had.  You know, thermal sight, with all the... the colors... and uh... you kinda have to see the movie.  Click on the thumbnails on the left to get a full sized picture.

This is my sister in one of my earliest predator pics. Interestingly this is one of the only pictures of my sister I've ever taken, and I've since lost the original, unaltered photo.
This is a "second generation" predator pic. Notice how it looks smoother than the previous pic. I felt this was a more accurate approximation of what a thermal camera might look like, though I made a lot of pics in the older style before I learned the smoothing technique, and I still prefer some of them to the second generation pics.
This is a "third generation" predator pic, the only one ever made. That's my aunt and uncle and the left and middle, with me on the right. It's not very good, unfortunately. I made it on the new laptop with a different photo editing program but the results left a lot to be desired so I abandoned the program entirely.
This is one of the more sophisticated predator pics. That is my friend Tim working in the shoe department at Sports Authority. When I tried messing with the colors in this pic, Tim always blended into the background too much. So I tried changing the colors of his body separately from the rest of the picture. The result was impressive, although the drab background made the pic less interesting.
Another pic of Tim from Sports Authority. Again, I tried to isolate Tim from the background. The process is very time consuming. You have to zoom in a lot on the picture and then trace the outline of the object you want to isolate. If you screw up you have to start over from the beginning. Then you have to tweak the colors for just the selected region, and then for the unselected region. The whole process took so much time that I only used it on a handful of images.
This is Dan in front of Tim's house. We were trying to track Tim down at the time for some reason and got it into our heads that it would be cool to take a picture of his house while he wasn't home. I think perhaps we were trying to get documented evidence of our hunt to show him just how far we were willing to go. In fact, now that I think of it, most of these pictures were from one day of "detective" work spend tracing Tim's steps. Wow, we must have been friggin bored that day.
A slightly altered version of the picture above. This is another second generation predator pic, you can tell by the smoother color patterns.
Here's a pic of some guy outside Sport's Authority. Dan and I started calling him Eminem guy cuz he was listening to some shitty Eminem song when he pulled into the lot. We were glad to see him leave.
A second generation pic of Eminem guy. In case you're wondering, we were parked in the Sports Authority lot because Tim worked there and we were trying to follow him around that day. I think in the end we either gave up and left, or gave up and just went inside to talk to him, not sure which.
A second generation pic from inside Sports Authority. Guess this means we gave up and went in to talk to him. Yeah, that's probably where those pics of him from above came from too. I probably should have ordered these pics more chronologically, but eh, whatever.
A first generation pic of the sign on ellis street. Not sure why I took this one...
This is Erinn's house. Erinn is Tim's girlfriend and our investigation involved her too, so we drove by her house and snapped a photo. Later on we showed it too them just like this to see if they would recognize it in Predator vision. They did.
A picture of the infamous "uncompleted house". This was the focal point of the investigation. We knew that something involving Tim and Erinn and the police had gone down at an uncompleted house off West Ave. and we thought this was the one. Turned out that we got the wrong house the first time around. Still a good picture though.
This is the home of the douchebag who called the cops on Tim when he allegedly "parked on the street at night" which I guess is a crime or something cuz the cops searched his car when he tracked them down later that night. The real uncompleted house where Tim parked is just down the street.
This is Aaron's house. Has nothing to do with Dan or TIm or Erinn.
This is the Ro-Jack's where Dan works. Awesome picture.
This is the Itallian place where our friend Kyle used to work. Not sure why we took this pic either, I guess cuz it was there.
One of my favorites, "predator attacks the power grid". Good stuff. As you can see by the rough edges, this is a first generation pic.
This is a second generation pic of "predator attacks the power grid" I like this set because the colors are identical, it's only the amount of blurring that changes. It really shows off the difference between the first and second generation pics.
This is our friend Nik's car (aka "The Lincoln"). Awesome car. This pic came out a little odd, with the blocks of orange, red and yellow. But it still looks cool.
And last but not least, "predator attacks channel 12". I thought a predator pic of satellite dishes would look freakin awesome. I was wrong.

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