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4/16/05 - Frames are now a thing of the past. They were nice for a while, but they caused a lot of problems. Most users probably won't even notice they are gone though, because I've come up with an alternate way to include the navigation columns on every page. Also in this update I threw in an AIM toolbar. You can use it to quickly add me to your buddy list, send me an IM, or e-mail me. You can also download AIM. Let me know if you like this idea or think it's stupid an annoying. Finally, I wrote a new "article" about Batman and Metallica. Scroll down to check it out.

3/23/05 - I figured I should write a new article because it's been forever since my last update, but I was just too lazy. So I've posted a sort of amusing nasty e-mail that I sent to the registrar today. I know, I've gotten so boring.

2/2/05 - New year, new name, new colors, new article. Also made some improvements to the gallery to significantly improve load time

1/31/05 - Made a new video. It's sort of a parody of the Fantastic Four movie trailer that recently came out. If you've never watched "The Shield" don't bother watching because you won't get it.

12/6/04 - Added a link to "the simulator", easily the most pointless website on earth.

11/21/04 - Added a list of search terms that people have actually used to find this site. Pretty messed up, I know, but I'm crazy bored.

11/8/04 - Added a new feature to the gallery called "mystery picture". If you can guess what's going on in the picture, you could win a fabulous prize!

11/4/04 - Ranted about G.W. for a while... My fellow Americans, I despise you right now (well, OK, just 51% of you).

10/9/04 - Instead of doing homework or watching the Twins blow a 4 run lead to the Yankees, I decided to write a review of FOX's new reality show, "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss". Warning, you might be surpised by my opinion on this one...

10/4/04 - Small update today. I've been seeing the commercials for guiness beer on TV a lot and they always crack me up, so I decided to go out on the net and find transcripts of as many as possible. The fruits of my labor are now in the archives. I might update this later if I come across more guiness commercials or other funny beer commercials.

09/17/04 - Well, I finally did it. After months of promising viewers a huge re-design I have finally come through. The biggest change is that the page now relies on FRAMES!!! Yay for frames!!! Mostly, this makes my job easier, and I think it enhances navigation too. I've moved the most recent rants to the main page and provided links to the rest on a permanent side frame labeled "Archives". My hope is that the new layout will promote readership of the rants, which I've always considered the main componant of this site. Hopefully it will also encourage me to update more often... we'll see how that turns out. Finally, the videos have been moved to a seperate page because they were taking up too much space on the main page. Speaking of taking up too much space, this message has probably used up a quarter of the window for those of you who don't have your screen set for high resolution, so I'll stop talking now.

09/2/04 - Got rid of the random video on this page because it took forever to load. I kinda figured it would, but I thought it would be fun so I put it up for a little while anyway. I also added a new midi to list of random midi's that play in the background of this page. Anyone who's been to this site enough to identify the new midi will win a free gift. No, really, I mean it. E-mail me if the think the midi playing right now is the new one and tell me the name of the song. If you're right and it's the new one, I will legit give you a free gift. No, it's not some stupid trick like "a punch in the face" or anything like that. This is an actual item that I paid for that I will give to you if you get this right. I'm dead serious, this item retails for $15.95. Obviously I don't think anyone is going to get this right, but if someone does, rest assured you will get your free gift, and it might even be something you like.

08/24/04 - I added a new "Random video" section to the main page. This week/month/whatever's video is my newest mix, a short compilation of clips from various earlier mixes set to the music from the Spiderman 2 trailer. This new mix can also be found in the videos page. I also updated the Predator gallery. On Friday I got a record 39 hits, but most of those were people looking for Predator pictures, probably because of the new Alien vs. Predator movie. So they wouldn't be totally dissapointed in what is actually in the predator gallery, I threw in one pic of the Predator from the first movie. I realize this will probably just lead to more predator-related traffic, but hey, I'll take what I can get. I also finally got around to finishing all the descriptions of the predator pics. Only took a few months... Finally, there is a new rant in the Archives which explains why this update was so long in coming and why I have so many things done in one update. The gist of it is, it's not my fault, it's Drew's

08/03/04 - Father forgive me for I have sinned, it's been 47 days since my last update... Actually I've made a few updates since then, but nothing really significant until now. I replaced the Chapelle's Show video with a video of people "car sledding" set to cool music, and I replaced the Alabama Man video with a video of some fireworks my friend Tim caught on his digital camera. Check out both videos in the videos page.

06/17/04 - From the makers of random pictures and random midi's comes RANDOM QUOTES!!!! Can you handle the randomness?

06/08/04 - New rant in the archives, updated the message on the home page... that is all.

06/01/04 - Two days ago I brought you random images, today I bring you random midis!!! Won't someone stop the madness!?!?

05/29/04 - Huge freakin update today. Absolutely huge. I found some code in javascript that would display a random picture so I spent like, 3 hours figuring out how javascript works so that I could bring this exciting feature to the web site. Now the "Random Picture" on this page is truly random. I also added a new "rant" to the archives. Look for more cool java stuff in the future, I might use it to make random quotes or random midi's or something.

05/08/04 - Just uploaded my latest video mix (it's my 3rd, for those of you keeping track at home). Download it from the videos page.

05/01/04 - Small update. New quote, picture, and music. That is all.

04/23/04 - Updated the quote, picture and background music. Also finally started adding descriptions to the pics in the Predator gallery. Will finish the job this weekend probably.

04/18/04 - Finished my latest video mix, which features a series of brawls, mainly from baseball games. It's set to "Conflict" by Disturbed, which struck me as an appropriate choice considering the content. Check it out in the videos page. I put a little more care into it than the last one, but I don't think the material is quite as good. Let me know what you think. I'm already collecting clips for the next mix, and it looks like it's gonna be the mother of all video mixes, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

04/15/04 - New quote of the week and background midi. Also added a couple more videos to the videos page. I figure I have 100 mb of network drive space provided by Drew, might as well use it. Finally, I created a page containing my class schedule for the fall semester, check it out <link removed by webmaster> if you're reeeaaallly bored.

04/12/04 - I've gotten so many hits from people looking for that damn "kid getting hit with basketball" movie that I finally broke down and put up a link to it. I put that link and the one to the video mix I made in the new "videos" section. I might expand on this section in the future and perhaps add it to an new page entirely.

04/09/04 - Just finished a major update on The Archives. The entire section has been condensed into one long page with internal links to each article. I think it will be easier to navigate now. I also added a few pictures to spice things up a little.

04/02/04 - Changed the background music and quote of the week.

03/24/04 - Added a midi file which you should now hear playing. Can you guess what it's from?

03/20/04 - Finally decided to give the basketball video a rest for a while. I also redesigned the quotes section. They've all been condensed into one page for easier access. I also added a whole bunch of new quotes from my favorite movies.

03/15/04 - Minor update; added a few pictures to the gallery and added counters to several pages so I can track visitors more effectively. That's pretty much all for now. I've been trying to come up with ways to give this site more meaning. That would violate the principals upon which I built the site in the first place, but I think people would find it more interesting. After all, there's no point in making a web site that no one wants to look at. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for interesting things I could add to the side, feel free to drop me a line. I can't guarantee I will implement whatever suggestions you may offer, but I will seriously think about it.

03/02/04 - Very small update today, just added my newest rant to the archives. Yes, that's right, you can breathe easy now. I'm not dead, I just took a month-long hiatus from ranting to write my research paper. It was so horrible. The paper made me say things, terribly boring things about foreign language education. But that's over now, the bad paper can't hurt me anymore. It's time to get my life back together. Let the ranting commence!

02/14/04 - After watching the "kid getting hit by basketball" video hundreds of times, I started thinking that it would be really cool if there was rock music blaring in the background. Three days later, I had produced a little video of my own. It's made up of a series of clips of people getting injured in cool ways, with "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed playing in the background. It's safe to say this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You can download it now in the "videos" page.

02/09/04 - Added the "kid getting hit with basketball" video. Man, I crack up every time I watch that. *It may take a while to load if you don't have a broadband connection. Let me know if you can't see it at all. *Note from the webmaster, this video is no longer displayed in the web page, but you can still download it from the "Videos" page

02/05/04 - The gallery is done, YAY!!! I spent a good 2 hours finishing it after my writing class. I probably shoulda been doing physics problems instead, but whatever. Tonight I've gotta watch some stupid movie for Anthropology, so physics is gonna have to wait a little longer.

02/02/04 - Fixed a longstanding error in the code that made all my pages appear with strange characters when viewed with the Mozilla browser. Thanks to Dan Adler at telecom for pointing this out. Still working on the gallery (working is a term I use loosely). I've had a hectic couple days what with the Super Bowl on Sunday (PATRIOTS RULE!!!!!!) and my insane Monday schedule. Maybe I'll have some free time tomorrow to work on it more. I just noticed that the counter also doesn't work right when viewed with Mozilla. Grrr... Bottom line: this page is designed with ie explorer 6 in mind. If you're using something else, tough cookies.

01/22/04 - Small update, restructured the archives and added some essays and link. This will probably be the last update for a while cuz I'm going back to school on Sunday. I should be packing but, eh. I'll get it done eventually. Yesterday I had an interesting run-in with the cops, you can read about it here or find the link in the archives.

12/02/03 - Hey gang, just a small update today, I added a new rant and a few new quotes, go to the archives to see them. Not much new in my world. It snowed today, for about 15 minutes. Not much accumulation, but it was still cool. I'm in the process of adjusting to school after vacation, it's not easy. Yesterday I played Call of Duty for several hours instead of reading Mein Kampf, and today I fell asleep in class. So basically, I have learned almost nothing about Hitler or Fascism or any of that good stuff. Thank God for reading days!





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