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As a college student, I have way too much time on my hands. To fill my days, I do useless things like build web pages no one sees and make video mixes no one watches, just because I can. You'll find all my work on this page, as well as some other random video's I've found that I think are pretty cool. Right click on the images below and select "save as" (or "save link target as" if you are using netscape) to save the files to your hard drive. If you are using ie explorer 5 or later, you can just left-click on the images to play the videos in the browser or in media player.

If you're a total geek like I am, then there's a good chance you know that there is a movie based on The Fantastic Four comics coming out this summer. You might even know that Michael Chiklis, better known as Vic Mackey of The Shield, will be playing the role of The Thing. And if you are also a Shield fan, as I am, then you probably think this is one of the coolest/funniest things ever. When I watched the movie trailer a few days ago, I couldn't help singing the Shield theme song in my head whenver Vic Mackey/The Thing flashed on the screen. Well as it turned out, I happen to have an mp3 of that theme on my computer. You probably already figured out where I'm going with this so I'll leave it at that. Click the image to the left to watch my latest video mix. If you want to see the unaltered trailer for The Fantastic Four, follow this link. - 5,248 kb


My newest mix is totally random. I recently downloaded the music from the Spiderman 2 trailer which sounds really cool and immediately the thought occured to me that it would kick ass in a video mix. So I banged one out in about 2 hours. I only had a few video files on hand that I haven't already used in other mixes, so they're all in there, along with a few of my old favorites. - 3,350 Kb


This is my third mix, set to "Push it to the Limit" from the Scarface soundtrack. Although it's still somewhat of a work-in-progress I decided to put it up right away cuz it's funny. This video mainly features people attempting "extreme" (aka stupid) stunts. Emphasis on the word "attempting". - 14,239 Kb


My second video mix features people fighting set to the pulsing beat of "Conflict" by Disturbed. You know you wanna watch it (warning, there is some anti-Yankees sentiment expressed near the end of this video. If you are a Yankees fan, you might be a little offended. So what I'm saying here is, SUCK IT, YANKEES FANS!!) - 25,728 Kb


Sweet video compilation I made of people getting injured in hilarious ways. Also features a baby humping a doll. You know you wanna see it - 18,564 Kb

My friend Kevin standing next to fireworks, good times - 8,298 Kb


Back by popular demand, the kid getting hit with a basketball. Classic - 2,750 Kb

Off-site videos

These are links either directly to videos at other sites, or to a webpage that will load the videos. They are just as funny as mine, and they don't take up my web space. It's win-win!

Jesus Christ Action Figure - Outstanding fake commercial for the Jesus Christ action figure playset. Very well done. Note that this is a link to a website on which you will find the video, not a link to the video itself.

A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen - Do you like poorly done stop-action animation? Do you think that people singing a popular song from the 70's in Jappanese is funny? Do you know who Skeletor is? Well watch this movie anyway. It redefines the phrase "totally random". (This is a link to a website that will display the video)

Wrong Numbers - A brilliant animation by Grant Kellerman, of SHS math team fame. Totally hilarious, unless you never attended Seekonk High School, in which case you probably wouldn't get it. But you should watch it anyway cuz it's awesome, and if you don't watch it, it means you're not awesome. (This is a direct link to the video file)


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