systems @ Drew University Library

collection development statistics - the tip of the iceberg

this is the presentation that I gave at my interview at Drew in 2010 and then re-tooled for SNRG in 2011

a Drew Today article from 2011 - it's out-of-date but I still like it

in 2012 I went to COSUGI in Orlando FL and talked about Paperless Online Weeding aka POW

I gave two presentation at SNRG in 2012: Systems Roundtable & Why I Love API

in 2013 VOIT won the MacGyver Award - see pages 11 & 12

in 2014 I was nominated for the MacGyver Award for my contributions to the VALID project

Ivy won the MacGyver (NJLA/ACRL Technology Innovation) Award in 2016

my CV