English 1/Library consultations
Fall, 2007

1. How did your students participate in the Library consultations?

Small groups, working together on a project
Small groups, working on the same topic
Small groups, working on similar topics
They didn't, they had a class session

2. How satisfied were your students with the Library consultations?

Extremely satisfied
Very satisfied
Less than satisfied
They thought it a complete waste of time

3. How useful did your students find the research logs filled out by the librarian during the session?

Extremely useful
Very useful
Less than useful
What research log?

4. How well do you think your students performed in gathering material for their research?

Extremely well
Very well
Not very well
What material?

5. When were your students' bibliographies due in relation to their Library consultation?

The preliminary bibliographies were due before the Library consultations.
The bibliographies were due the same week of the Library consultations.
The bibliographies were due the week after the Library consultations
The bibliographies were due two weeks after the Library consultations
The bibliographies had no relationship with the Library consultations.

6. Given the constraints of the schedule, would you prefer having a librarian come to teach your class during one of its regular sessions?

Yes, with these constraints:

No, because:

Don't know, and I have these questions:

7. Do you have any comments on your students' or your experience of the Library component of English 1?

8. Would you be willing to share the students' bibliographies with the Reference Department of the Library?


9. Your name (optional):

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