Drew University Library

Research Guide: Case Studies in Black Entrepreneurship

Spring 2006

Planning a search
Locating business information
Locating information of society and politics

Planning your search:
Think about what types of information sources are likely to be most useful for your topic.

Locating Business Information:
To find information in business journals, you'll generally need to use copyrighted databases. Some specialized databases available through Drew include:

Business Source Premiere indexes 350 scholarly business journals, with full text for about half. It also includes "Datamonitor" reports on major companies, including overviews of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Regional Business News provides full text of publications focusing on specific locations, including njbiz and Business News New Jersey.

Lexis/Nexis Academic contains full text for business and industry news publications, company profiles and analyses, as well as the reports filed by companies with the SEC. Click on "business" on the initial page for a menu of options.

Print sources:
There are also many print reference sources available in the Reference area of the Library, such as:
Ref 338.0922
Encyclopedia of American women in business (2005)
Ref 338.097300727
Industry research using the economic census (2004)
Ref 338.54
The secrets of economic indicators (2005)

Public web sources:
Of course, the public web is also an incredibly rich source, but it's both overwhelming and inconsistent. To locate sites that actual people have evaluated, check a subject directory, such as Internet Public Library (http://www.ipl.org/), sponsored by the University of Michigan. There are more academic directories, but this one is a great starting point.

Government web sites:
These can be motherlodes of information for small businesses.

Business.gov (http://www.business.gov/) can give you a sense of the range of information available.

U.S. Census Subject Index provides (fairly) easy access to the information buried in recent economic, housing and population censuses. For historical information, check either Statisical Abstract of the US (Reference 317.3 U58s) or Historical Statistics of Black America (Reference 973.0496021 H673h)

Locating Information on Society and Politics:
For overviews:
You can start with some standard reference works for background on ethnic groups, political contexts or social trends. Some possibilities are:
Ref 305.8003
Encyclopedia of the world's minorities (2005)
Ref 305.800973
Encyclopedia of minorities in American politics (2000)
Ref 973.04924003
American Jewish desk reference (1999)
Ref 305.8957073
The North American Muslim resource guide (2002)
Ref 305.896073
African American desk reference (1999)
Ref 973.0496003
African-American culture and history (1996)

For current information:
Consult more recent information on both the public web and through subscription databases from a library. Possibilities include:

Ethnic NewsWatch is a full text collection from ethnic, minority and native publications such as newspapers and journals. You can search a topic, and limit by the specific group in which you're interested.

Lexis/Nexis Academic provides full text of world, national and regional (although this is its weakest point) news articles in papers, magazines and some journals. You may need to narrow your search somewhat to get useable results.

Global Gateway is a portal provided by the Library on Congress, linking to a wide variety of recommended public sites on nations and cultures of the world. Check "Portals to the World" and "Research Guides and Databases".


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