Drew University Library

Research Guide: Italian 102: From the book to
the screen

Spring 2006

 Locating background information:
Specialized encyclopedias offer starting points for research, and may include bibliographies for further research.

Dictionary of Italian literature, 1996.
Overviews of most of the authors included in this course, with recommended readings.
Film review, 1976+
Synopses and cast/crew listings of films released in the past year in the UK.

For quick definitions of technical terms you encounter while doing your research, consult xreferplus, on the Library's Online Resources page under 'Electronic Books.' (Definitions will be more detailed and discipline-specific than those provided by Dictionary.com.)

Locating books:
Use 'Keyword' in the Drew Catalog, which will pick up both books about specific authors or directors, and books with individual essays on them. WorldCat is the combined records of over twenty thousand catalogs, including Drew's. Use this database to identify material to request through Inter-Library Loan, which will take 1-2 weeks.

Locating information on films and literature:
To find literary analysis or book reviews, you'll need to check in a couple of indexes.
Some possibilities:

To locate articles (mostly reviews) on films, consult a mix of the following:

If the index you consult does not have full text, check to see if we directly own or have access to the journals you need. Start with Full Text E-Journals on the Online Resources page (http://depts.drew.edu/lib/eresources/index.php). If your journal does not show up there, use "Browse" in the Drew Library Catalog (http://catalog.drew.edu/).


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J.L. Caldwell