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Research Guide:  Personal Identity and Immortality
Fall 2006

Locating background information:
It's often helpful to check a specialized encyclopedia, both for an overview of a topic, and for the bibliography, which provides recommended starting points for understanding a topic.
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy , 1998-.
Also available electronically.
  Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2000-.


New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, 2005.
Traces the development of the ideas of identity, personhood, etc.
A collection of reference sources, good for quick definitions and descriptions.

Finding articles:
To locate journal articles more reliably than through Google, consult the databases listed on Research Resources. Start with general databases, and move to subject-specific ones if you don't find enough in the broader sources. For additional recommendations of database, check the Library's Philosophy page.

If full text is not available in a database, click on the "Search for Article" button to see if the article is in any other database. If it isn't, click on "Search the catalog by journal title" under "Additional options" to see if Drew owns the journal in paper or microform. If we don't own it, and if you've made an early start, you can request the article through Inter-Library Loan. To find articles from footnotes or bibliographies:

Finding books:
Check the Drew Library Catalog to find books on identity. Use "Keyword" when you're starting your search, and only switch to "Browse" if you're looking for a specific book identified in another source, or if you know the exact subject heading used in the catalog.