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Yahoo! Search
Special features

Effective ranking system puts most cited pages first in results list. Indexes text behind pdf and gif files. Caches pages when indexed. Searches first 101K of page ONLY.
Probably the biggest.

A metasearch engine, this provides a visual "map"of search results, a la Grokker. Second to Google in size of results.  Has a small collection of reference sources under "Shortcut" Suggests categories ("communities") of results.
Phrase searching Yes. Use " ". Searches stop words in phrases. Yes.  Use " ". Yes.  Use " ". Yes. Use " ", searches stop words in phrases
Combining multiple terms Default AND in Basic, - for NOT, capitalize OR. Will search  ANY= or WITHOUT= in Advanced, no nesting.  Default AND, can use OR, or NEAR. No nesting, no NOT. Default AND. Capitalize OR, NOT, nest with ( ).

Default AND in Basic, capitalize OR.

+retrieves stop words (not needed in phrase searches), moves results up in ranking

-excludes, +retrieves stop words

+ requires. -excludes, theoretically, but inconsistently
Results ranking Automatic fuzzy AND, with pages to which many sites link placed first Arranges returns by topics, with interrelations shown via mouse-overs Automatic fuzzy AND Displays sponsored sites first, clearly labelled. Within 'communities', ranks by 'subject specific popularity'.
Truncation Automatically stems with Google-defined rules. Prevent by using a + in front of the term.  ~ searches Google-defined synonyms. Yes, use * No, search with OR Automatically stems with Teoma-defined rules. Prevent by using a + in front of the term.
Case sensitivity No No, but if capitals are used, exact matches will be required from some engines. No. No.
Subsearching Use "search within results" and add terms Yes. Use "Add a topic." Add terms. Use 'Refine' suggestions
Field searching Yes, but more easily in Advanced. In Basic, use intitle:, inurl:, site: title: url: host: domain: text: image: etc. intitle:, inurl:, hostname: in Basic.
In Advanced, select from menu
Limited, easier in Advanced. In Basic, use allintitle:, allinurl:, geoloc:NA

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