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Library Guide:  Honors 108
Spring 2006

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Core Indexes:
    Social Sciences    Humanities      Sciences
These indexes provide access to the secondary literature in your fields, and should be used in addition to consulting with your advisor, pursuing footnotes, and checking bibliographies of works on your topic.  Resources in specific disciplines are listed in Online Resources on the Research Resources page of the Library's site.

General Resources:
These resources are applicable to almost all fields.

Access to the combined catalog of several thousand libraries, providing information on the last century's worth (and beyond) of books. It is of particular use in disciplines dominated by books, rather than by journal literature. Includes information on which libraries hold specific titles, which can be useful in determining whether they will be retrievable through Inter-Library Loan.

Digital Dissertations
Gives abstracts of doctoral dissertations, which, if recent, often have useful bibliographies.

ISI Web of Science Citation Indexes (Science, Social Science and Arts and Humanities)
A massive set of databases that indexes journal articles and their footnotes, so that you can search for articles that have cited a specific article or author. If you have an article that is on target for you, you can see who has cited it -- a great way to follow the scholarly conversation thread.

This online collection of reference works lets you search 160 resources simultaneously. Helpful for verifying small, discrete pieces of information.

Social Sciences:

Anthropological Index Online
Indexes journal articles in journals received by the Anthropology Library at the British Museum. Be patient.

Anthropological Literature
Provided by Tozzer Library, Harvard University, a major anthropology collection. Continue to be patient.

CIAO:  Columbia International Affairs Online
Provides indexing and full text of journal articles, conference papers and organizational publications.

Congressional Universe
Full text of bills, reports and other publications of the legislative branch.

Indexes academic literature in economics and business from 1969 on.

Indexes and retrieves ephemeral material on women and gender issues.

ISI Social Science Citation Index

Lexis-Nexis Academic
Full-text for business, legal and current events in the past decade. It includes text from the foreign press.

Abstracts for articles, essays and parts of books in psychology, 1887 - present. 

Sociological Abstracts
Abstracts for articles, essays and parts of books in sociology, 1963 - present. 

Women's Studies International
Indexes articles, essays, dissertations and books in women's studies since 1972.

World News Connection
Transcripts of foreign broadcasts, translated by your friendly neighborhood CIA. This requires a librarian to enter a username and password, so can only be used in the Library.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Indexes political science journals from 1975 on.


America:  History and Life
Indexes material on U.S. and Canadian history. Includes links to full text of older articles in approximately one hundred major journals.

L'Annee Philologique
Collects publications in classical studies, and arranges entries in broad subject categories.  There are indexes for personal and place names, as well as an author (of the publication) index.   Use this in addition to MLA (see below)  Be prepared to browse.

Art Abstracts
Brief summaries of articles in major art journals from 1984 on.

Artbibliographies Modern
Per Rm 709.04 A785a
Provides indexing of books and journal articles on 20th century art.

ATLAS Full Text Plus Religion Database
Indexes book titles, journal articles, essays, dissertations and reviews, and now includes full-text of approximately fifty major journals.

Bibliography of Bioethics
Reference 016.1742 B5822
A slow but useful index, from 1975 on.

Historical Abstracts
Access to articles and books since 1982 on world history after 1450, excluding the U.S. and Canada. Includes links to full text of older articles in approximately one hundred major journals.

Internation Index to the Performing Arts
Indexes, with some full text, journals on theatre, drama, dance, music and film.

International Medieval Bibliography Online
Since Historical Abstracts only goes back to 1450, use this bibliography to find secondary material on the Middle Ages.

ISI Arts and Humanities Citation Index
Provides citation searching to bring your research up to the past month. 

MLA (Modern Language Association) Bibliography
Indexes material in linguistics and literary criticism, 1963 - present. 

Philosopher's Index
Indexes books and journal articles in philosophy and ethics, 1940 - present.

Women's Studies International
Indexes articles, essays, dissertations and books in women's studies since 1972.


Biological Abstracts
The primary index in biology and related fields. 1995 - present

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)
Indexes 1,800 journals in the health care field, with links to a companion database of full-text articles.

ISI Sciences Citation Index
Provides citation searching to bring your research up to the past month.

Lexis/Nexis Environmental
Abstracts of environmental articles, as well as full text of news, laws and legal codes related to the environment.

Indexing in math, computer sciences and some physical sciences from the American Mathematical Society, with full-text for select journals.

An index to medical and health sciences literature, created by the National Library of Medicine.

Science Direct
Full text access to over 800 journals from Elsevier, one of the foremost publishers in the sciences.  Please note, though:  this is science according to ONE publisher!

Wiley Interscience
Selections from another major publisher in the sciences.

Library Contact People:

It's often a good idea to meet with a librarian for recommendations on the most productive approaches to your bibliographic research.  Plan to meet early in the process!
Jody Caldwell 3481 Humanities, Sociology, Anthropology
Bruce Lancaster 3487 Humanities
Cathy Ryan 3483 Sciences
Beth Patterson 3480 Social Sciences

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