SCA / Historic Re-creators

Research & Library Use Survey

--- Jennifer A. Heise (known in the SCA as Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, O.L.)

Purpose of this survey: to collect data about how SCAdians and other historical re-creators and re-enactors collect information and use libraries. This information will be shared with SCA librarians and hopefully published as an example of a research and library use in a special population (amateur historians). The first few questions are basic demographic ones, since those sorts of things are important to librarians, and especially to their funding organizations. The rest are general research and library questions.

  1. Age:
  2. Education: (choose the highest level you've currently completed)
  3. Region:
  4. Household Income: (feel free to choose 'Not Given')
  5. How often would you say you need to research or find information on a topic?
    • Every day
    • One or more times a week
    • One or more times a month
    • Every few months
    • Very seldom
  6. Which sources do you rely on for your research? (Results don't need to add up to 100%)
    • Mailing lists/newsgroups/bulletin boards
    • Book Bibliographies / Browsing other people's bookshelves
    • Personal contacts
    • Classes or Seminars
    • Library searches
    • Browsing booksellers
    • Browsing/searching the public (free) Web
    • Personal library/collection
  7. How often, on average, do you contact a library or use a library's resources to find information on a topic?
    • Once a day
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Several times a year
    • Rarely
    • Never or almost never
  8. Which of the following kinds of libraries do you use, and how often?
    • Public (Town, City or County)
    • School Library (Kindergarten through High School)
    • Academic (College, Community College, University, etc.)
    • Special library (company, museum, or other corporate library)
  9. Does your library of choice offer internet-accessible services (databases, email/chat question answering, etc.)?
  10. What factors determine how often you will use a specific library? (Please check all that apply)
    • Hours
    • Location
    • Collection (what books, magazines/journals, videos, etc. they have)
    • Borrowing policies
    • General Atmosphere
    • Programs/Events for yourself and family members
    • Staff attitude
    • Internet access/services, including wireless access, website services and remote access to databases
  11. Describe your dream information-finding system/library: If you could have access to any information-finding services or resources you wanted, what would be helpful to you?
  12. General Comments:

Thank you. The summary of this study will be posted online and announced in SCA-Today.


For data collection purposes, I'd appreciate recieving responses by January 1, 2007.

Questions, comments, etc? Email me at

Professional Credentials: I recieved my Master's in Library Science from Syracuse University 1991, and am currently employed as an Instructor Librarian at Drew University.