James Miller

Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry
Fellow, Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE)

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Drew University

          Department of Chemistry, HS
          36 Madison Avenue
          Madison, NJ 07940
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Personal Information

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Professional Information

 B.S. Science, Elizabethtown College, 1955, cum laude
 M.S. Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University, 1958
 Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University, 1960


 Drew University
      Professor Emeritus, 1995
      Professor of Chemistry, 1969-1995
      Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1964-69
      Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1959-69

 University of Illinois, Urbana
      Visiting Lecturer, 1964-65

 Purdue University
      Visiting Professor of Chemistry, Summer 1960


 Drew University
       Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti; responsible for original concept
          development and pilot implementation of program to provideresearch
          opportunities for undergraduate science majors with retired industrial
      Chairman, Department of Chemistry, 1971-1983; 1988-91;     1994-1995.
      Coordinator of Academic Proposal Development, 1986-91
      Science Division Chairman, 1979-80, 1973-74.
      Co-op Director, 1979-1992.
      Director of NSF COSIP Project, 1967-1970 FACULTY &


  National Bureau of Standards, Spring, 1985
   Research in mass spectrometry.
  Morristown Memorial Hospital, Spring, 1978
          Clinical chemistry research in liquid chromatography.
  University of Amsterdam, Spring, 1971
   Research in HPLC with J. F. K. Huber.

 Industrial Experience
  R&D Council of New Jersey, 1979-83, 1988-91.
      Allied Chemical Corporation, 1974.
      Gow-Mac Instrument Company, 1964-66.
      Esso Research & Engineering, 1962-63.
      CIBA Pharmaceutical Company, 1961.
      E. I. duPont, 1958.
      American Cyanamid, 1957.
      Chromatography Short Course Lecturer for ACS (1966-98), Varian (1977-98), J&J, Allied, Fisk University, Sun Oil, University of Rhode Island, Indiana Central College, Center for Professional  Advancement,
 Sandoz Inc., and IRI Div. Johnson & Johnson.

Committee & Community Service

    E. Emmett Reid Award, Middle Atlantic Region, American Chemical society, 1992
     Petix Supporter of Science Award, New Jersey Science Teachers Association, 1984
     North Jersey ACS Teacher Affiliates Award, 1983
     Stambaugh Chemistry Award, Elizabethtown College, 1975
     Alumni Award for Professional Advancement, Elizabethtown College, 1973
      Outstanding Educator of America, Jaycees, 1971
      Outstanding Young Men of America, Jaycees, 1964

 American Association for the Advancement of Science
 American Association for Clinical Chemistry
 American Chemical Society
       Offices held in North Jersey:
            Analytical: Chair-elect 1964, Secretary 1963
            Chromatography Group: Executive Committee,  1974-6; Secretary
            197-8; Treasurer 1988; Chair 1989-90
            EAS Governing Board, 1964
            Lackawanna Subsection: Program Chair, 1964;
            Education Committee, 1964
            Executive Committee, 1974-6, 1966-8, 1962-4
 ASTM, E-19 Executive Committee, 1968-70



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    H. M. McNair and J. M. Miller, Basic Gas Chromatography, Wiley,1998
    J. M. Miller, Chromatography: Concepts and Contrasts, Wiley-Interscience, N.Y.,1988.
    J. M. Miller, Separation Methods in Chemical Analysis, Wiley-Interscience, N.Y.,1975.

Articles, Lab Manuals, and Patents

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               T. J. Wallace, J. M. Miller, H. Pobiner, and A. Schriesheim, "The Oxidation of RS
          Anions by Electron-accepting Species", Proc. Chem. Soc. 1962, 384.

Personal Data:

 Born August 7, 1933.  USA citizen
 Married to Elva Jean Lehman, 1955
 Children: Gregory (1958); Robert (1961)
 Health: Excellent
 Hobbies: Jogging, Tennis, Music, Gardening

 Home Address:
 8 Oxford Lane
 Madison, NJ 07940
 (973) 377-3517

                                                     Jan, 1999

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