CINC Project

I had two projects to accomplish for the Computers in the Curriculum grant program at Drew University:
  1. revised web pages for the Latin program
  2. a Quicktime movie on Latin grammar.

1. The Pages

I was ably assisted in this part of the project by junior Classics major Rich Green. The goal was to put in some content that we had "approved" in some way, since there's a lot of stuff out there on the ancient Roman world and not all of it is good, and to have more information available about the Latin program for both current and prospective students. While we were at it, we revised the rest of the department's pages to have the same look and feel using cascading style sheets. You can go have a look at the main Latin page.

2. The Movie

The Quicktime movie was an interesting (euphemism) project in itself. Thanks to the latest beta version of the creation software, the only remaining problem with the clip is my voice <grin>. Nevertheless I think the main point comes across. Future clips will likely feature another voice replacing my own dulcet tones.

Ideally I would like to create a number of short clips like this that beginning Latin students could view on their own computers. The clips would complement standard introductory texts while giving the students something to hold on to. Hopefully the use of sound and motion will appeal to some of the various ways of learning found among students.

Addendum (Sat, 29 Apr 2000) - There are now two clips, on their way to three.

I would be very eager to receive feedback about these clips from other Latin teachers.