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I am trying to make this site as complete as possible, so if you have news, multimedia files, links, and what not, please do send them my way...

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Recent News


Good News: Sam wrote with this update of the UK tour...

I'll still be playing those five UK dates. I'm not sure who told you that we had pulled off of those, but I'm afraid they were mistaken...

Sat 15 May Edinburgh Caberat Volitaire *
> Sun 16 May Birmingham Glee Club *
> Mon 17 May Bristol Bonaventure *
> Tue 18 May Brighton Komedia *
> Wed 19 May London Borderline *


This good/bad news from Mike in the UK:

Bit of UK news. Sam has pulled from the proposed support tour with Rosie Thomas that would have brought him to the UK in May. He is said to be looking at rescheduling a headline tour in the Autumn.


Received this note the other day:

I saw your very cool Iron & Wine site and thought I'd ask you to help spread some news for the Angelenos in the crowd. Iron & Wine have just confirmed an in-store at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach (about 30 minutes south of LA). The blessed event will be on April 11th @ 4:00pm (yeah, it's on Easter). This will be their 2nd in-store at Fingerprints, the first was almost 50 minutes long and included several, at the time, unreleased songs. For anyone who doesn't have the album yet we will be offering a custom rock art style event poster free with purchase of either of their full lengths. If you have any questions, please let me know,


Fingerprints Music
4612-B East 2nd St
Long Beach CA 90803

PS: This is a free event

03.09.04 Our Endless Numbered Days, the new album, was released on March 23. The tracklisting and album info will be up in the music section very soon. The new album is a bit of a change of pace for Iron & Wine, but it is very good. Also, be sure to check out the new tour dates.

11.11.03 Thanks to Branyon for this video of Iron & Wine performing a new song live. Somewhere I have the name of this song written down, but I can't remember it. But enjoy it anyway!

11.11.03 Here is a Real Audio link (copy the link to Real Player) to a live performance of Iron & Wine at the Amstel Festival in Amsterdam this past summer. Excellent quality.

11.10.03 The new site design is basically done. I hope you guys enjoy it - especially the new forum for discussing all things Iron & Wine. The site is still being worked on (especially the tour page), and there will be some cool additions coming soon.

11.10.03 The fall tour is done - hopefully you saw the band. In December, Sam will be in Australia for four dates, and then he will be putting the finishing touches on the album, which is scheduled for a March 2004 release.

09.23.03 Sam has a song featured on the Six Parts Seven's "remix" release on Suicide Squeeze. Thanks to Mike McCusker for this tidbit: "Just to let you know that Suicide Squeeze has put up Sam's version of Sleeping Diagonally - re.made by Sam Beam of Iron & Wine"

09.20.03 Sam made a guest performance on the new Rosie Thomas album When We Were Small


New tour dates announced for October
The Sea And The Rhythm EP is being released September 9
Video for Southern Anthem and Lion's Mane is available at

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