Drew Honduras Project
Pictures -- May-June, 2001 

La Colonia Episcopal Images of La Colonia's Children Drew Students at Work at La Colonia 
El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza Images of El Hogar's Children Drew Students at Work at El Hogar
General views of Honduras Pictures from Copán  The Drew Honduras Project

El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza--The work project (2001), 
Painting La Casa de Tigres

The bedrooms, dark and full of shadows

The main area--cleaning and stripping the walls

The washroom had to be cleaned first, too.

Cleaning the floors under the bunk beds

Stripping the walls

Cover that nasty brown varnish (Elizabeth Salazar models the masks we wore because of the fumes)

The kids helped us paint (here they are with Jillian Aguilera-Kahn) --until the Directora caught them! 

Jen Alves & Darlery Franco transforming that washroom.

Johannah Ridley & "Team el Baño" (they had to clean first, too)

Neysa's rainbow

Now for the pictures . . . (Johanna Merejo & Elizabeth Salazar)

Jen Alves works on clouds, with Jillian & Johanna on animals

Giraffe and Ostrich take shape

Vicky Montero paints leaves, Darlery cleans

Mayra Cano

Bridget Stoyko admires Darley's "12 hour bird"

Jillian, Johanna & Elizabeth with the birds

Bridgit Cusato rests by the soccer game

Mayra Cano sits on the newly painted floor

Johanna Merejo

A monkey greets the kids in the first room

A whale brushes his teeth in the bathrooms

An elephant sprays water in the washroom

Moons & stars for the bedrooms (the stars go all around the walls) 

Bridget Stoyko adds a finishing touch to the sun (assisted by JJ)

The Drew Bear  welcomes people to Casa de Tigres

Don Julio imitates the monkey Jen Alves is painting.

Don Julio does more imitations 

 . . . and laughs as he looks at the ostrich

Neysa shows Directora Claudia and Don Julio the group's work (and they are delighted!)

Thank you Bridget, the drawings and overall design are wonderful!!

The kids draw as they wait to see the transformation

Check out the work project from 2000
(Cancha Peter Kyle--named for a former director)

Looking toward the Cancha  (stadium)

The outside of the Cancha (Carey de Julio's mural)

Cancha Peter Kyle, and a young star practicing in it

The artwork inside was designed by James Winans

It is great to see the boys using the cancha whenever they can!

We put these swings up last year too. . .

Saint Mary's Technical Institute--The work project (2001)
pictures on the way . . .

These photographs are the property of Sandra Jamieson. [c. 2001]
Those associated with the Drew Honduras Project are welcome to copy and use these images;
others must ask my permission, please (sjamieso@drew.edu).  Thanks!

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