Sparkle (b. 1982 - d. 1997) and Angel (b. 1992)

[Angel and Sparkle] Sparkle and Angel came to join the pack at Magi on February 4, 1995. I had no intention of increasing the modest size of my pack, but when their owner, Pat Miskelly, died suddenly in January of 1995, I was moved to offer them a home. I had been following the story on Canine-l of attempts to place these little girls when I had a dream that Pat was visiting me and left the dogs with me when she left. I made an offer to take them, and within a week was invited to do so. Sparkle is the black and white dog in the background, little Miss In-Your-Face in the foreground is Angel.

Sparkle is a very fastidious, careful little spirit who believes in rules and in following them. She hates to be dirty, and hates things out of order. She enjoys spending time outside, sitting in the sun and sniffing the air, and indoors, she spends most of her time napping in her chair. Though I'd been told she didn't like other dogs or people she didn't know, she gets along fine with Doc, Annie and Beckett, tolerates Angel's antics, and has taken to everyone who comes to visit us with any regularity.

Sparkle passed on late in June of 1997. She was approaching her 16th birthday. She is sadly missed here at Magi. We are comforted by our belief that she has been reunited Pat Miskelly. I know Sparkle loved us, but I also know that after Pat's death not a day went by when Sparkle didn't miss her. She is where she wanted to be now.

Angel is - well, Angel is Angel - we're not quite sure *what* she is. She's cute and banks on it. She's feisty, but sweet. She's afraid of nothing, and no one, and if she came in a larger body, we'd probably all be afraid of her. She's funny and charming and fresh, and she loves people in all shapes, ages and sizes. She loves her food, her toys, her daddy, and she hates being brushed and bathed. Whenever possible, she chooses to be in contact with a human body. She's looking for the first opportunity to take over the world.