S. Wesley Ariarajah

Professor of Ecumenical Theology
Drew University School of Theology
Madison, NJ 07940
Tel:  973-408-3979

Personal and Professional History.

S. Wesley Ariarajah, Methodist Minister from Sri Lanka, served both in the pastoral ministry of the church and as lecturer in the History of Religions and New Testament in the common Protestant seminary of the churches in Sri Lanka.  In 1981 he was invited to join the staff of the World Council of Churches, where he led the Councils Interfaith Dialogue for over ten years.  From 1992 he served as the Deputy General Secretary of the WCC..  He has given lectures, conducted seminars, led conferences in many parts of the world.

After an undergraduate degree in Science (B.Sc.) he secured the Bachelor of Divinity (B.D) degree from Serampore University, India. His postgraduate work were done in Princeton (Th.M), and the
University of London (M.Phil. and Ph.D.).

He joined the faculty of the Drew University School of Theology and its GraduateSchool as Professor of Ecumenical Theology in September 1997.


The Bible and People of Other Faiths,  Geneva: WCC Publications, 1985.

Hindus and Christians : A Century of Protestant Thought,
     Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1991

Gospel and Culture, An Ongoing Discussion in the Ecumenical
     Movement,  Geneva: WCC, 1994

Did I Betray the Gospel?  The Letters of Paul and the Place of
     Women , Geneva: WCC, 1996.

Not Without My Neighbor- Issues in Inter-religious Relations, Geneva: WCC, 1999.

He has also edited several books and has written many articles on
ecumenism, interfaith dialogue and pluralism.

Courses Taught: