This page, by John R. Lenz, organizes information about ancient Greek history available on the WWW,
chronologically by main periods and by topics (including a P.S. on Byzantine and Modern Greece).

CLASSICS/History 20Ancient GreeceFall 1999.  Course materials online, right here!

    SYLLABUS for Classics/History 20, FALL 1999: with schedule of readings and links to readings online!

Texts of Greek Historians:

          instructions:  clicking on an author while send you to the entry in my list,
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Other Databases:

Ancient Greek History on the WWW:  resources arranged by periods and by topics

PREHISTORY (Neolithic and Bronze Age):


    Minoan civilization (Bronze Age Crete) (other; see also "Prehistory--General", above):      Mycenaean civilization (other; see also "Prehistory--General", above): General:  Olympics: Delphi: AthensThe Ancient City of Athens (large site)

Peloponnesian War:

Alexander the Great's Home Page

BYZANTINE AND MODERN GREECE: Culture, History, Language, Literature, Travel

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