College/Job Experience
I graduated from Stockton State College, now known as The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. After high school graduation and before Stockton I took a side trip to Brookdale Community College. I spent 2 years at Brookdale and then transferred to Stockton. Altogether I spent 6 years in college. I majored in Computer Science/Information Systems throughout my college career.

After graduation my first job was as a Technical Services Specialist. In other words, I was working on a helpdesk.  I continued working on a helpdesk for a few years and then started working at Sony Theatres. This is where I actually started working as a trainer, in addition to working on the helpdesk.

How did I get to Drew?
Well, after working for Sony Theatres I moved to Maryland to be with my fiancé, now husband.Shortly after the wedding, a career opportunity arose at Lucent Technologies in Murray Hill, New Jersey, for Kevin and we decided to move back home. Kevin is an electrical engineer with a B.S. in computer engineering  from Lehigh University. Currently, Kevin is working on the Atlanta tm chip set.

While living in Maryland I was working for a company that supported computers used by Navy personnel and civilians. This is where I met Jonathan Mazur. Jonathan is a graduate of Drew and still has close contact with his college friends. Once we decided to move back home Jonathan suggested that I apply for the Training Coordinator position open at Drew.

What have I been up to at work?
Recently Drew has signed a contract with Macromedia and we have started to use and teach their software programs for creating web pages. This means that we are now teaching Dreamweaver,Flash and Fireworks. I have started to use Dreamweaver, as a matter of fact all of my web pages are created with DW. By no means am I an expert, I would classify myself as a beginner leaning towards intermediate level. I have also started to learn Flash, which is an animation program. If you are interested in seeing a movie I created using Flash click here. As you can see it is a very basic movie. Flash is a complex program but it can create very cool things.


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