The Plays of Rosemary McLaughlin

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                    The Raw and the Cooked: a comedy about ritual sacrifice.
                    The American Moment: a trilogy about silk strikes, salons and the birth of American drama.

Voices Carry
            Staged Readings performed at Win Atkins Theatre Project,  the John Harms Center and New Jersey Repertory Company.
            World premierewill be at Drew University's Kirby Theatre, October 13-16, 1999.
Comedy/drama, One interior set; Casting: Can be done with 4- 7 actors: 2 male and 2 female OR 4 male and 3 female actors.
How do you love thy neighbor once the sofrito hits the fan?  Synopsis
Motherless Child
        First developed as MFA thesis play at Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts where it was directed by Michael Nash. Its professional premiere was directed by Elaine Schatzline-Behr at the Chicago Cooperative Stage. The New York premiere was at WINGS Theatre, directed by Joanne Sagherian.
        Drama, 3 females, 1 male; 1 interior set.  Synopsis.
Standing in the Shadows

        Standing in the Shadows concerns a critically injured woman’s journey to recover in the midst of the
power struggle between her parents and her lover.
        World premiere was at Wings Theatre Company.  Recent productions include Outward Spiral Theatre, Minneapolis, a production directed by Elaine Shatzline-Behr that played in Illinois and Hertsfordshire, England, and the upcoming West Coast premiere at Lambda Players, Sacramenta, CA, January, 2001.
        Review of Outward Spiral production.
        Drama, 5 females, 1 male; 1 interior set.
The Second Coming of Joan

Staged reading performed at Waterfront Ensemble (one-act version) and the Win Atkins Theatre Project (full-length)
Comedy; two interior, two exterior sets. Cast:  Can be performed with as few as 7 actors.

MAXWELL, a gifted history teacher with a penchant for drag, doesn't want to tell his conservative boyfriend, ARTHUR that he's getting messages from a dear, departed Saint, for fear of unsettling their already rocky relationship. When he learns a
friend of his, a kind and innocent priest, is being blackmailed, he goes into his "Joan of Arc" mode to defeat the blacklisting/book-burning/power-broking of CARDINAL HOOLIGAN, SENATOR PORKBELLY and
REV. HELMSLEY PHLEGM and bring peace, justice and tasteful pumps to the world.

Other characters include: FATHER DENNIS GOOD, a priest who lives up to his name; MARGO & CECILIA, the madly-in-love neighbors next-door;  SISTER VIVA LAS VEGAS, trades Bingo for blackjack to raise money for her flock;  DR. SAUERBRATEN, runs group therapy for saints displaced in the 20th century; JEANNE, a housekeeper/reincarnation of Joan of Arc.

Woman in Armor, Chamber Music


Smoke & Mirrors
 Commissioned by the Unlimited Potential Theatre Company (Very Special Arts/NJ) for their touring theatre company.
Comedy; One basic set, interior/exterior;  Five women, three men

The Witty Comeback

Comedy.  Staged reading performed by Waterfront Ensemble.
Cast:  Two female, one male;  One interior set.
KAY WINSTON-BRADDOCK-- 30-ish; a sign-language interpreter for the past two years, she is open-minded, warm-hearted; GEORGIA HOGENTOGLER-- same age; KAY's estranged lover, a psychologist whose Sixties' enthusiasms are dwindling;  CHARLES CARLSON-- late 20's; deaf, African-American; an aspiring photographer supporting himself as a porter, certain he has found his muse in KAY.  His unannounced, late-night arrival startles the women into thinking there's a desperado banging at their door, refusing to identify himself.  For KAY it's a potential friendship.  For GEORGIA, a potential rival.

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