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Local Media stories--"Students at Drew Take Sides" (Oct 12)
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What is the Democracy Project?

As part of a writing course focusing on argumentation, this project is designed to help you explore argument in action. First you'll need to find out who represents you in The House of Representatives and the Senate. Then you'll want to check out candidates running for the House and the Senate--both those who will influence your home neighborhood (if your home is in the US), and those whose decisions will have an impact on you when you are at Drew. If you are eligible to vote and you haven't registered to do so, do it. You'll have a lot more fun with this project if you actually get to do something at the end! If--like one of the professors for this course--you aren't a citizen of the US, you can still write letters to your representatives and send them e-mail messages about issues of concern to you, so you, too, can do something in response to what you learn in this project. 

As you check out the sources you are following, pay attention to the ways the authors and candidates use the strategies of argumentation. Do journalists represent each candidate's points accurately? Do they ignore some issues and focus on others? If so, why do you think that might be? Do the candidates misrepresent each other? Are they effective?

This project is based on the larger linked-campus Electronic Democracy Project started  in 1996.

Candidate Information and Homepages Links 

U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives Local New Jersey Officials
Find your Senators + other office holders.

Homepage links for U.S. Senators (by state) 

The Senate Homepage

List of United States Representatives (alphabetical by state) 

List of homepage links for House of Representatives (alph.by Member) 

House of Representatives Homepage

General NJ information + Rutgers Info. page 

Members of the New Jersey State Legislature

New Jersey Homepage

  • To see how elected officials voted on specific issues (A PIRG scorecard site) 

Federal Voting Assistance Program--get an absentee ballot, register to vote (Oct. 5 is your last day to do this if you are a NJ resident--check out other dates), learn why you should vote, etc. 

Races and candidates for EDP analysis 

Presidential Race New Jersey Senate New York Senate
Pat Buchanan (Reform) Bruce Afran (Green Party) Hilary Clinton (Democratic)
George W. Bush (Republican) Jon. S. Corzine (Democratic) Mark J.Dunau (Green Party) 
Al Gore (Democratic) Bob Franks (Republican) Rick Lazio (Republican)
Ralph Nader (Green)

  . . . And don't forget Barbie (yes, that one) and Vanessa --Read their "platforms" 
Transcripts of debates
NJ House of Representatives NJ House of   Representatives NJ House of   Representatives
District 5:  Marge Roukema District 10: Donald Payne District 13: Bob Menendez
. Dist.11 Rodney Frelinghuysen .

Debate Transcripts and Significant Interviews

Presidential Race New Jersey Senate New York Senate
First Debate  (Tues. Oct.3) First Debate (Sun. Oct. 8) First Debate (Wed. Sept. 13)
Second Debate (Wed. Oct. 11) Second Debate (Thurs. Oct 12) Second Debate  (Sun. Oct. 8)
Third Debate (Tues. Oct. 17) . .
Vice Presidential Debate The Political ad. Campaign. Soft money debate
(Oct. 5)   part 1   +   part 2 The New York Times on the ads The "Bill 602P" hoax 

Speak Out.Com "Damned Spot"

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