The Bedford Guide to Teaching Writing in the Disciplines: An Instructor's Desk Reference. Rebecca Moore Howard & Sandra Jamieson. (Bedford, 1995)

  • Including Writing in the Course Plan 
  • Preparing the Syllabus 
  • Integrating Writers' Resources 
  • Teaching the Writing Process 
  • Teaching and Responding to Style, Grammar, & Punctuation 
  • Designing Writing Assignments 
  • Assigning Research Papers Using Laboratory, Field, & Library Data 
  • Designing and Evaluating Essay Exams 
  • Assigning and Evaluating Collaboration 
  • Assigning and Evaluating Journals 
  • Grading Student Writing 
  • Teaching Advanced Reading Skills 

  • Appendix A: Bibliography of Discipline-Specific Sources for Teaching Writing 

    You can buy this book on-line, but if you use a Bedford handbook or think you might do so one day, call your Bedford/St. Martins rep. and ask for a copy (they should give you a free one).