"Education, Knowledge, & Culture"

Sandra Jamieson, Fall 1998

Daily Syllabus 

Week 1 Week 4 Week 7 Week 10 Week 13
Week 2 Week 5 Week 8 Week 11 Week 14
Week 3 Week 6 Week 9 Week 12 Week 15
August 27 (Thur) Lunch meeting (HS 3). General introduction to each other, the course, and issues raised in the course, general questions, etc. Introduction to the journal. Brief description of the class web page and the need for photographs! 

27/28 (Th./Fri): Orientation, advising meeting. Let's try to sort out all those problems!! 

31 (Mon) First day of classes--but no FYS. See you at convocation and dinner afterwards. 

    Fall Convocation--This is part of Drew culture. How would an outsider perceive it? What do you need to know for it to make sense? Write your first journal entry addressing these questions (you may refer to orientation events too if you like). What do you learn about Drew's culture from these events?

Sept. 1 (Tues.) Discussion of convocation and the journal assignment. Shared knowledge assignment. Summary of writing assignments for the course (described in the syllabus). Sign up for presentations. 
  • 8:15--BC1: Computer training #1 (Computers at Drew, CWIS, etc) 
  • Second journal assignment. Respond in any way you like to the Common Reading Discussion. Write about the stories in Ship Fever and about the way your "family" discussed the book. Did they like it? Did you get some new ideas as a result of the discussion? If you didn't read all of it, do you plan to do so? 

3 (Thur): Discussion of Cultural Literacy, chapter 1. 
Journal due with two entries Collect your journal from my office FRIDAY. 

[Sept. 4: Last day to add a course without the instructor’s permission.]  

7 (Mon.) Labor Day--no classes 
Check out the Multicultural Awareness Week trip to the West Indian Festival in Brooklyn (info. on the web page if you didn't sign up at the activities fair) 

    Labor Day--This is part of US culture. What do you do on this day? What do you think it actually celebrates? To what extent do the normal activities of your family reflect the things that this day seems to mean to celebrate? Have you ever thought about this before? What does your answer to that question reveal?
8 (Tues.): Bring a picture of yourself to class so we can start work on the class web page. 
Discussion of Cultural Literacy, chapter 2. 
    Presentation: Bryan Connors (x4703) 
    Presentation: Dennis Ferri (x4385) 
Discussion of Cultural Literacy , chapter 3. 
    Presentation: Kevin Munjal (x4609) 
    Presentation: David Birnkrant (x5501) 
  • 8:15--BC1: Computer training #2 (Word Perfect) 
10 (Thur): Discussion of Cultural Literacy , chapter 4. 
    Presentation: Emily Stine (x4680)  
    Presentation: Perzavia Praylow (x5907)
Discussion of Cultural Literacy , chapter 5. 
    Presentation: Dana Lomm (x4511)  
    Presentation: Sarah Smith (x4908) 
• Read Hirsch's list of what every American should know, and identify six things that you don't know. Identify three things that took you by surprise (i.e.: things you probably wouldn't include in such a list), and three things not on the list that you think should be. Bring your lists to class Tuesday. 
• Read extract from Esmeraldo Santiago's When I Was Puerto Rican ("The American Invasion of Macon" pp.61-83) in preparation for her Keynote address Monday night and out discussion in class on Tuesday. 
    13 (Sun) Grandparents Day--US. Different cultures relate to their elders in different ways. How does your culture (however you define it) relate to its elders? How do you? Do you celebrate this day? Do you celebrate the older members of you family on any day? How? Do you think mainstream American culture should take its elders more seriously? Write a journal entry addressing any or all of these questions.

    14-18: Multicultural Awareness Week. See the detailed schedule handed out in class or on the link from the web syllabus. Attend at least one of the events this week--aim for all of them! Write as many journal entries as you can (get ahead of the quota!!)
14 (Mon.) Esmeraldo Santiago (author of When I Was Puerto Rican ) will read from her work at 7pm in Baldwin Gym. You must attend (or give me a good reason why you can't).  

[Sept. 14 (Mon) - Last day to add courses with the instructor’s permission, change grades to P/U, or drop without a W being recorded on your transcript.] 

15 (Tues.): Position paper on Cultural Literacy (2-3 pages) is due in class today. Discussion of extract from When I Was Puerto Rican and the reading last night. 

    Presentation: Mark Soden (x3798) 
    Presentation: Melissa Scerbo (x5095) 
Discussion of Hirsch's list. What do you need to know according to Hirsch? What do you think of that list? Working in groups of two or three, identify four things everyone in the group would like to know more about. Look at the list in Multi Cultural Literacy. What do you think of Simonson and Walker's “Beginnings of an Expanded List of Essential Names, Phrases, Dates, and Concepts.” Find at least three things from that list that you'd like to know more about. [Lists due at the end of class--I'll post them on the newsgroup and the web page.] 
  • 8:15--BC1: Computer training #3 (electronic mail & news)
    Citizenship Day--US. Does this day--or the idea of citizenship--have social, cultural, or historical significance for you? Write a journal entry in which you think about the idea of citizenship and what it means to you. Do you know what is required of people who wish to become citizens of the US? If not, find out. If you are a citizen by birth, imagine you are not and consider whether you would be prepared to go through the citizenship process. Do you think it should be harder or easier to become an American citizen? (By the way, I am not a citizen, but don't let that influence what you write!)
17 (Thur): Journal, with at least 10 entries, is due in class today (collect it from me Friday). Discuss essays from Multicultural Literacy

“A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin 

    Presentation: Whitney O'Hanian (x4227) 
    Presentation: Alix Ross (x5704) 
“People, Land, Community” by Wendell Berry 
    Presentation: Kate Hanson (x4233) 
    Presentation: Aja Foote (x4424) 

    17, 4pm. LC 28: Robert Fagels will read from his new translation of Homer's Odyssey. Come hear about why and how he translated this work, and decide the function of it in the culture of the Western world--yes, this could be a journal entry...

    21 (Mon) Rosh Hashanah--Jewish New Year (year 5759.). If this day has cultural or religious significance to you, write a journal entry discussing it. If it does not, write an entry discussing “new year” in your own culture. How do you celebrate it? Why do you celebrate it? Why do you think the turn of the year has cultural significance?
22 (Tue): Library session. How does one answer questions and learn basic information using the library? Reference Librarian, Jody Caldwell, will show us the tricks of her trade and teach us about some pretty advanced print-based information sources! Write a brief summary/description of one thing from the list of things you'd like to learn more about.  Use at least two sources, ONE of which must come from the library and involve your physically setting foot back into the building (and, no, you can't research "Typhoid Mary"!!)  Be prepared to  present your findings  in class on Thursday (Sept. 24) and hand in a written version to me. 
  • 8:15--BC1: Computer training #4 (the Internet)
    23 (Wed) Fall Equinox (First day of fall). The Fall has all kinds of cultural meanings. What does it mean to you? Does it have a meaning in your culture (however you define that)? What connotations does the word “fall” or “autumn” have for you? Do these differ from the connotations it has for other Americans? Write a journal entry addressing all or some of these questions.
24 (Thur): Library assignment due today. Now that you know about these things, which should be known by everyone? In class discussion on the information-- students will present the information they found and we will discuss which of it is essential knowledge. 

29 (Tue): Discuss essays from Multicultural Literacy: 
“The Path of the Red and Black Ink” by Gloria Anzaldúa 
    Presentation: Abibat Ojibara (x5940) 
    Presentation: Robin Park (x5115) 
“A Journey into Speech” and “If I could Write this in Fire” by Michelle Cliff 
    Presentation: Dana Lomm (x4511) 
    Presentation: Sarah Smith (4908)  

    8:15--BC1: Computer training #5 (Quatrel Pro)

    30 (Wed) Yom Kippur. No Classes today. If this day has cultural or religious significance to you, write a journal entry discussing it. If it does not, write an entry discussing what you know and don't know about this day and responding to that knowledge or lack of knowledge.
Oct. 1 (Thur): Journal due in class today (collect Friday from my office) 
Discuss essays from Multicultural Literacy
“How I Started to Write” by Carlos Fuentes 
    Presentation: Aja Foote (x4424)  
    Presentation: Dennis Ferri (x4385)
“In Defense of the Word” by Eduardo Galeano 
    Presentation: Kevin Munjal (x4609) 
    Presentation: Robin Park (x5115) 
[Oct. 2 (Fri.) - Last day to drop first half semester courses without a W being recorded on your transcript] 

    5-9 October-- B-GLAD WEEK. Check out the schedule of events, attend an event of your choice, and write a journal entry about it (tracing your reactions will tell you something about your culture. Observing the reactions of others will reveal a lot about Drew culture and Drew's micro-cultures.)
6 (Tues.):  Discussion of how to write college-level response papers, annotated bibliography entries, and comparison papers. Comparison of Cultural Literacy and Multicultural Literacy due in class on October 20. We will also discuss Paulo Freire's "The Act of Study." (I'll give it out in class.) 
  • 8:15--BC1: Computer training #6 (Making your own web page)
8 (Thurs.):  First 4 entries for annotated bibliography due in class. 
Discussion of two stories from Ship Fever, "The Behavior of the Hawkweeds" and "Ship Fever." What is your attitude to the culture of knowledge presented in these stories? What kinds of knowledge are valued? What would E.D.Hirsch say? what about the authors in Multicultural Literacy? Do you view these stories differently now than you did during orientation? 
"The Behavior of the Hawkweeds" by Andrea Barrett 
    Presentation: Alix Ross (x5704) 
    Presentation: Whitney O'Hanian (x 4227)
"Ship Fever" by Andrea Barrett 
    Presentation: Mark Soden (4798) 
    Presentation: Bryan Connors (x4703) 

    10 October-- READ FOR LIFE. 10am to 2pm in the Forum.  Volunteer to help a child (aged 5-12) learn the joys of reading and remember the joy of reading for pleasure yourself.  Contact Amy Kapadia to volunteer (x 5068) or consider other forms of volunteering.  Check out the Volunteer newsgroup at <du.cla.volunteer>, "Ten Thousand Mentors" (x 3755), or one of the many clubs and organizations on campus.  What does all this volunteering tell you about our local or national culture?

12 (Mon)-JanTerm (Jan. 6-30) registration begins. $75 deposit required. 
    12 (Mon) Columbus Day--national culture. Write a journal entry about what this day means to you, and why. What other positions do people take about the significance of this day? Can you understand their positions? Why do you not share them? How would you respond to challenges to your position on this day?
13 (Tues.):Position paper on Multicultural Literacy due in class today (2-3 pages).  Discussion of Paradise, pp. 1-77 
    Presentation: Kate Hanson (4233) 
    Presentation: Emily Stine (x4680)  
    Presentation: David Birnkrant (x5501)
---15 and 16 (Thurs. and Fri.) - Reading days. NO CLASSES.   READ SOMETHING... (try Paradise!) 

Diwali Celebrated Oct.  19 

20 (Tues.): Comparison of Cultural Literacy and Multicultural Literacy due in class. 
Discussion of Paradise, pp. 81-138 

    Presentation: Melissa Scerbo (x5095) 
    Presentation: Perzavia Praylow (x5907) 
    Presentation: Abibat Ojibara (x5940)
22 (Thurs.): Discussion of Paradise, pp. 141-217 
    Presentation: Emily Stine (x4680)  
    Presentation: Perzavia Praylow (x5907) 
    Presentation: Kevin Munjal (x4609) 

    23-25 Family weekend--personal culture. What does family mean in your culture (however you define that)? What is your responsibility toward them? How well do you meet that responsibility? How has it shaped who you are today? What would an outsider need to understand in order to make sense of your family interactions? Yes, you guessed it--write a journal entry addressing these questions!  

    24 (Sat) United Nations Day. Another opportunity to think about culture. Write a journal entry about what this day means to you, and why.

    25 (Sun) Standard time returns at 2 a.m.--Set your clocks BACK an hour. Write a journal entry about it if you like. Why do we shift between "Standard Time" and "Summer Time"? What might that teach us? 

    Rape Awareness Week--October 26-November 1.  Check out the events--write a journal entry...

27 (Tues.): Discussion of Paradise, pp. 221-266 
    Presentation: Dana Lomm (x4511)  
    Presentation: Sarah Smith (x4908) 
    Presentation: Melissa Scerbo (x5095) 
29 (Thurs.): Discussion of Paradise, pp. 269-318 
    Presentation: Whitney O'Hanian (x4227) 
    Presentation: Alix Ross (x5704) 

    Oct. 31 (Sat) Day of the Dead--All Souls--Halloween. Write a journal entry about what this day means to you, and why. What do you know about how others celebrate it? How do you celebrate it? Why do you think this day is celebrated? What does it reveal about your culture (however you define it)? You can trace connections to Paradise if you want to do so.

    Nov. 1-6: AIDS Quilt--"Quilt Across New Jersey Project." Opening ceremony on Nov. 6 (check the weblink for more details). If you haven't already been to see this amazing tribute to loved ones and to life itself, go see it. A culture has built up around the quilt, including ways to behave while viewing it, the way it is opened and closed, the reading of the names, the clothing of the volunteers, and stories about individual panels. Go, feel, observe, and write a journal entry.
Nov. 3 (Tues.): Discussion of the kinds of knowledge we need to understand our own and other cultures. In class writing: response to Paradise and the issues it raises about the role of the past and the way history shapes our lives in ways we are conscious of and ways we aren't. You can discuss stories from Ship Fever and arguments made in Cultural Literacy and Multicultural Literacy too if you want to do so. 
Revise this piece of writing into a five to seven page paper, due in class Nov. 19. 
    Election Day--US. (Don't waste your vote.) In South Africa when they were given the right to vote Black and mixed race South Africans waited on line for days to do so. In the US many people died to extend the voting rights to women and people of color. In some countries a “low” voter turnout is less than 95% of all adult citizens. Yet less than one third of US citizens who have bothered to register to vote actually turn out to vote these days. Does this reveal something about the political culture of the US? What? Write a journal entry about what the right to vote means to you, and why.
5 (Thurs.): Journal due in class today (collect Friday from my office) 
Discussion of Ceremony, pp.1-63 (the end of the page) 
    Presentation: Bryan Connors (x4703)  
    Presentation: Robin Park (x5115) 
[Nov. 6 (Fri.) - Last day to drop courses with a W recorded on your transcript rather than a U] 

[Nov. 9-18 - CLA registration for Spring 1997]  

9 (Mon) Preregistration meetings. Sign up for an appointment any time today (we can also meet Wednesday or Thursday--or even next week!) 

10 (Tue): Discussion of Ceremony, pp.64-100 (the end of the section) 

    Presentation: Dennis Ferri (x4385)  
    Presentation: Kate Hanson (x4233) 

    11 (Wed) Veterans Day--US, UK. Another opportunity to think about culture. Why do we celebrate war by remembering those who died? Why is the celebration on this specific day? Write a journal entry on anything relating to the topic of war veterans.

12 (Thurs.): Discussion of Ceremony, pp.100-166 (the end of the section) 
    Presentation: Aja Foote (x4424) 
    Presentation: Abibat Ojibara (x5940) 

17 (Tues.): Discussion of Ceremony, pp. 166-end of the book. 
    Presentation: David Birnkrant (x5501)  
    Presentation: Mark Soden (x3798)
[20 (Fri.) - Last day to drop second half semester courses with out a W being recorded on your transcript .] 

19 (Thurs.): Background knowledge for Ceremony. Introduction to team presentations. General discussion of Ceremony Sign up for presentation topics on what we need to know to understand Ceremony

24 (Tues.): General discussion of Ceremony, final paper (due Dec. 8), research, and problems with sources (read Water's "The Book of the Hopi and Armin Geertz") 

--25-29 Thanksgiving recess. No classes.  

Thanksgiving Day Celebrated Nov. 26--US. Now here is an interesting topic for a journal entry.  

Dec. 1 (Tues. ): Journal due in class today (I will return it next Tuesday in class--no more entries due this semester unless you want to write some) 
Background knowledge for Ceremony. Team presentations and discussion. 
  • Presentation: Pueblo/Hopi Mythology (Tiyo; Spider Woman; other stories about women and/or rain; the four/five worlds; the number 4; names; the role of stories; the witchery) 
    • Whitney
    • Abibat
    • Dennis
    • Mark
  • PresentationPueblo/Hopi Ceremonies (the significance of  colors, stars, animals, vegetation, and other sign systems; the four directions; the role of language, stories, images, etc in ceremonies; Navajo sand painting; kiowa hoop dancing; healing ceremonies) 
    • Melissa
    • Kate
    • Alix
    • Robin
3 (Thurs.): Annotated bibliography entries on Ceremony background due in class today. Background knowledge for Ceremony. Team presentations and discussion. 
  • Presentation: Native Americans and war  (the 2nd World War--the Philippines, Japanese P.O.W.s;  veterans & the Veterans Administration hospitals; alcoholism, especially among veterans; uranium and the Trinity Project)
    • Kevin
    • Aja
    • Emily
    • David
  • Presentation:  Pueblo/Hopi society and relationships with others cultures (Pueblo society; the Pueblo Wars;  Mexicans;  Europeans;  mixed race people; time; Catholicism/religion; education--"Indian schools") 
    • Perzavia
    • Bryan
    • Dana
    • Sarah

8 (Tues): Last class. General discussion of Ceremony, Cultural Literacy, Multicultural Literacy, Paradise, education, identity, culture, etc. Discuss final paper. Final evaluations. Good-byes. 

-- [Dec. 10-11 CLA Reading days] 

-- [12-18 final exams.] 

Dec. 12. Ceremony paper due by 5pm today (4-6 pages) as part of final portfolio of work. 

14 (Mon) Chanukah Have a good one!

19 (Sat.) Ramadan begins 

--- 19 (Sat) Residence Halls close at 12 noon

---21 (Tue) Winter Solstice--first day of winter--stay warm 
Have a great vacation 

          think about culture . . . : ) 


Note these dates in your calendar and plan your work so you aren’t trying to do everything at once!! NOTE: Work is due in class unless otherwise stated.  
Do not wait until the morning of class to print it.  
If you have technical problems, do not miss class trying to fix them!!! 


  • Sept. 3: Journal with two entries (convocation and response to CL ch. 1).
  • Sept. 15: Position paper on Cultural Literacy (2-3 pages).
  • Sept. 17: Journal with at least 10 entries.
  • Sept. 24: Library assignment--6 x summary/descriptions.
  • Oct. 1: Journal (you need to count how many entries are due--at least 4 a week).
  • Oct. 8: First 4 annotated bibliography entries. 
  • Oct. 13: Position paper on Multicultural Literacy (2-3 pages). 
  • Oct. 20: Comparison of Cultural Literacy and Multicultural Literacy (4-6 pages). 
  • Nov. 5: Journal. 
  • Nov. 12: Paradise paper due (4-6 pages) 
  • Dec. 1: Journal. 
  • Dec. 3: Final annotated bibliography due 
  • Dec. 12: Ceremony paper (4-6 pages) as part of final portfolio of work.
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Past, present, and future: Education, Knowledge, & Culture student webpages: 

Examine Drew culture more fully via the CLA web page.  

The Drew Technology Initiative--once again,. check out what this reveals about Drew's Culture and what it will take to be culturally literate here.    

Information on the Carnival, find its location on a map, or just learn more about Brooklyn. 

History of Labor Day and more about US labor history 

More about language acquisition, reading and theories about how we do it.

Multicultural education--goals and values.  

Education statistics, F.A.Q.s, (including public versus private) and various education theories. 

Think about symbols--the ones on this syllabus as well as the link. Look at the White House Web page for more national/ cultural symbols.  

The institute for the aging teaches us about aging and the experiences of older people.  

Multicultural Awareness Week schedule--plan which events you will attend using this schedule.  

Learn more about Esmeraldo Santiago (includes a picture and brief bio.).  

More about Puerto Rico, its history, and its relationship with the United States. [Check out and evaluate this argument about language!]  

  Learn more about citizenship. The INS (immigration and Naturalization Service) homepage will tell you everything about the process of immigration and naturalization.  

Who is James Baldwin? What did he write? Other talks to teachers: tolerance workshops for 5-6th graders; an SPLC program for all ages.  

Explore issues around rural schooling or check out alternative communities 
Homer's Odyssey on-line (a different translation), and information about Homer's Greece, and an interview with Robert Fagles.  

Learn more about Rosh Hashanah.  

Check out the Library of Congress web page. You can look up books there through the library page on the CWIS too.  

DDrew Library homepage with all the links that Jody Caldwell showed you in class.w Library's 

So, what is the equinox, anyway? 
The FYS '98 "Cultural Literacy List" (still under construction. . . .) 
Mexico and its indigenous peoples and stories, Gloria Anzaldúa (in Spanish--with a picture, and in English
Information about Cliff's Jamaica, and about Michelle Cliff herself, colonial education, and other postcolonial authors

Yom Kippur.  

Some Latin American history, Carlos Fuentes' bio., a picture, and more 

Information on Eduardo Galeano, his works, and Latin American nationalism and cultural identity.  

Gay & Lesbian resources, some FAQs and answers, and an education link. Check out Drew's Alliance.  

An interview with Andrea Barrett.  

The potato famine & immigration from Ireland to Canada 

Visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to learn about US immigration history.  
Remember that "Typhoid Mary" link you saw when we went to the library?  Here it is! 

    A listing of some other national college volunteer programs and service learning sites. 

Columbus--the man, the day, the controversies, & more  

Map of Oklahoma (Ruby is not on it, but other places named in Paradise are--can you find them?)  
Black history and the westward migration.  
A list of African American settlements in Oklahoma with some information.  More about specific Black towns and settlement practices. 
  Learn about the Hindu festiva of  Diwali (Thanks for reminding me Kevin) 

Check out the culture of police brutality at the October 22 Coalition march or via the web page (there's a journal entry in this...). 
How to trace family trees (includes links to web resources and general information).  
More about the United Nations, and the "Drew U.N. Semester."  

   Standard time and some cool time links. 
  Rape Awareness Week--and it ties into Paradise!  Check out events and related links and use the information to help understand the characters-- and people around you.  

  Information about "cutting"  and other forms of self injury, including personal stories, self help, and advice for friends and relatives. 
A summary of Exodus in case you want to trace connections! (and more)

The role of African Americans in US history, and in the military. 

Halloween. Links... macabre and informative. Compare Halloween to the Mexican Day of the Dead. 
The AIDS Quilt. Look up individual panels, see pictures of the quilt in Washington D.C.,  learn more about the quilt in general. If you'd like to make a panel for someone. 
  A site dedicated to Toni Morrison (thanks to Perzavia for finding it!).  More about  Morrison -- her other work, reviews and other reviews of Paradise, study questions 

The Drew Electronic Democracy Project Homepage has all kinds of links--check it out!  

   Map of the Gallop area & more information about Gallop and the area (includes pictures), and more pictures 
Pueblo culture in New Mexico & Arizona.     
Pictures of Hopi pueblos, people, culture, and traditional clothing.  
An edition of the newsletter Techqua Ikachi on Land and Life (interesting connections to Paradise as well as Ceremony!) 
The Hopi Information Network (NOTE: some links present information that others might debate.) 
   Multiple links on  aspects of the Laguna Pueblo and the Hopi Nations, Pueblo tourism. 
  Information about Leslie Marmon Silko, a long interview about her work, life, politics, Ceremony and her latest novel, Almanac of the Dead, and another.  Check out this page and the article by Silko about race. 
  Some Los Alamos/ Trinity Project/ Uranium links of general interest. 
Learn more about thanksgiving--and take the quiz that I think Hirsch would approve of....

  Native Americans and alcoholism, information on alcohol, and a lists of sites for alcoholism self-help and for friends and family of alcoholics.  Information on college drinking and alcohol poisoning too. 
Check out this guide if you intend to search for materials on the Internet.

Team #1  Pueblo/Hopi Mythology (Tiyo; Spider Woman; other stories about women and/or rain; the four/five worlds; the number 4; names; the role of stories; the witchery) 
Team #2   Pueblo/Hopi Ceremonies (the significance of  colors, stars, animals, vegetation, & other sign systems; the 4 directions; the ceremonial role of stories & images; sand painting; hoop dancing; healing ceremonies) 
Team #3   
Native Americans and war  (World War II--the Philippines, P.O.W.s & the "Death March of Bataan";  veterans & the Veterans Administration hospitals; alcoholism, especially among veterans; uranium and the Trinity Project) 
Team #4  Pueblo/Hopi society and relationships with other cultures (Pueblo society; time; the Pueblo Wars;  Mexicans;  Europeans;  mixed race people; religion; education)  


Hanukkah, and what Dana's Rabi says about the lamps! 

  Ramadan, and a list of related sites for those who want more cultural literacy!  
Christmas and Christmas around the world (for those who know all about this holiday anyway) 
New Year. Hogmanay for those of us with Scottish heritage (sing the Hogmanay song--in English or Gaelic!) 

Whatever you celebrate,     ENJOY yourself!! 
Check out this site for even more cultural calendar knowledge... 

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