Team 4:
Pueblo/Hopi society and relationships with others cultures (Pueblo society; the Pueblo Wars;  Mexicans;  Europeans;  mixed race people; time; Catholicism/religion; education--"Indian schools") Sources to check out on these topics (the name of the presenter is in square brackets after the title--ask him or her for more details).

Allen, Paula Gunn. "The Ceremonial Motion of Indian Time:  Long Ago, So Far."  The Sacred Hoop.  Boston:  Beacon Press, 1986.  [Dana Lomm]

Allen discusses the Native American concept of time as completely contrasting with the Western concept of chronological and linear order.  Through the duiscussion of ceremonial time and ritual, the concept can be seen as relative to motion and in harmony with the motion of the universe.

Silko, Leslie Marmon.  "Fences Against Freedom."  Hungrey Mind Review. Pgs 1-8 Available from  11/18/1998 [Sarah Smith]

This essay discusses racism experienced by Silko and her Laguna family in the past through the preseny.  She gives many different examples of various prejudices and injustices that were the result of the color of her skin and [prejudices against Native Americans in general.  She also discusses the downfall of the US Governmwent's concern in the racial injustices involving Native Americans over the last thrity years.