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Links to scare you . . .

  • . . . just in case you don't believe all those stories about students lifting papers from the internet, here are just a few sites to show otherwise (some of the links on this list are dead, but it is an enlightening resource anyway).  Margaret Fain produced another list for the Kimbel Library (Coastal Carolina University), too (there is some overlap between the two lists, but together they represent a frightening trend--check out the prices, too).  Some of these sites have interesting "politics" (such as those on "School Sucks"), and overall they represent a challenge to our pedagogy. There are a number of sites and programs to help teachers determine whether papers are plagiarized, and Bruce Lelend's "Plagiarism and the Web" page offers links to some of those sites and some strategies to help teachers avoid giving the kind of assignments that easily lend themselves to plagiarism. 
  • See "Plagiarism Links for Instructors" for a fuller discussion of this issue, a list of resources, and links to sites that both help you identify online plagiarism and suggest ways for you to help your students learn how to write their own papers! 
  • An alarming article in Slate, "Adventures in Cheating: A Guide to Buying Term Papers On Line," (12/11/01) offers advice about how to do just that, evaluating the papers acquired from free and for purchase on-line paper mills and suggesting the best way to go about cheating.  It includes the addresses of the latest "hot" sites.


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Links to textbook publishers

While it is true that several of the companies listed below own most of the others, each division tends to maintain its own website with its own announcements, ads, and ways to order desk copies. So I've listed them separately.

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