Drew University Writing Instructor Guidelines 

The index below will take you to pages offering Drew policies, guidelines, and general advice for writing instructors on the topics listed.  This page is growing--right now it is very much under construction.  I will be adding to it as the need demands and the time allows!  (Suggestions, criticisms, and text welcome.) 

  The Drew Writing Requirement and F.A.Q.s

   The Library Component of English 1

   Drew Standards of Academic Honesty
          What to do if you suspect someone of cheating, 
          How to teach students to avoid plagiarism

   FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Guidelines

   Working with Learning Disabled Students

   What to include in a Drew Syllabus

   The On-line Syllabus and The Syllabus as Contract.

   Grade Guidelines and Portfolio Guidelines

   Relevant Faculty Regulations
      Disruptive students
       Attendance Policies
       Assigning Grades
       Scheduling Examinations

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