Chris Boesel Assistant Professor of Christian Theology


Teaching and Research


Teaching and Research

Chris BoeselDr. Boesel teaches courses on Christian doctrine, modern theological figures, and contemporary issues in Christian theology. His research and writing interests include: kerygmatic approaches to Christian doctrine, the theology of Karl Barth and its engagement with postmodern, postcolonial and liberation discourses, the relation of theology and philosophy more generally, and the relation of Christian theology and faith to ethical responsibility, most particularly, in the context of the Church’s relation to its Jewish neighbours.

Lately, he’s been thinking a lot about Abraham.

Courses Taught:
Systematic Theology
Election, Salvation and the Other
Doctrine of God and the Trinity
Doctrines of Revelation: Knowing and Speaking about God
Christology in the Jewish-Christian Context
Reformed Theology: Reading the Confessions
Theology and Deconstruction
Kierkegaard and His Theological Legacy
The Theology of Karl Barth
Theories and Methods of Theological and Religious Studies
The Theology and Ecology of Common Ground