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In the calligrapher art, you can see [Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.] <Job 8:7> written in the Korean language.


About its history


         It is a long history to say why I wanted to establish the church. Here briefly, I want to state the motive to establish the church.

My father was a businessman and an elder in a Sungkwan Methodist Church in Puchun, Kyungkido, Korea where I attended the church. There I heard even a sermon of Bishop Haejong Kim, who was a bishop of UMC and now he preach at Drew University.  My father contributed to Sungkwang Methodist Church when it was built because he was responsible for building the church. In 1986, he was stricken with paralysis, so he couldn¡¯t do anything except for lying up for seven years. He has a tumor in his back and he felt a pain, but there weren¡¯t many things I can do for him.

One day I saw my father read the Bible and be at his player. As soon as I see the scene, I decided to do ministry instead of my father.  I was a sale manager at a trading company to sell semiconductor to local computer manufacturers at that time. I got high salary. I decided to study theology and I had a chance to enter Methodist Theological Seminary (MTS) as a graduate student.

After graduating from MTS, I wanted to start my pastoral work in Methodist church, but there was no chance for me to be a pastor because there was no vacancy for me. But a person who was an elder at Sungkwang Methodist Church at which I was a deacon in the past was ordained in the Presbyterian denomination and started Youngdeungpo Jungang Church in Seoul.  In 1995, he called me to help him as a preacher.  As he was very weak and needed a person to help him, I joined the church and started to preach at the Church. It was a great pleasure for me to preach at the church. I was satisfied with this religious activity even I didn¡¯t received ordination.  According to the advice and recommendation of the pastor Ahn, I joined to Presbyterian denomination soon and I received the ordination from the denomination after a year. 

After working as a curator, I started as educational pastor at Nanum Presbyterian Church which had about 300 persons of congregation in 1997. Even though the experience was helpful to me, I wanted to establish a church after a year, but because I lacked money and helpers, I had to delay my plan to make a church because Korea faced with financial crisis in 1998.

In 2000 I worked as an English Lecturer at Kunkuk University in Seoul and I was satisfied with my job. However I felt that I should start a church before I became older.  So I made a plan to make a church alone.  I rented a basement room which is about 70 square meters at Shihungdong where CHMC was established at first in 2000.  At that time I belonged to a Presbyterian denomination.  

When I started Chuhyang Church, the only members were just three people: my wife, my son, and my mother.  There were many days when I preached just in front of my wife. At first I was much disappointed to know it is not easy to increase the number of congregation. It was not easy for me to continue the experimental church only with my wife.  Also as I studied at MTS, I had no persons to talk with my worries in the Presbyterian denomination. Also, I had a problem in my identity as a Presbyterian pastor because I studied as a pastor for Methodist pastor, so I decided to affiliate our church to Korea Methodist Church (KMC). 

As soon as I decided to join KMC, my family including two sister and their husbands agreed to join our church. So Chuhyang Methodist Church (CHMC) was born with the first congregation of 12 people in Oct. 2000.  When we started ministry, my major target for mission was children because adults wouldn¡¯t attend church. The children¡¯s number reached 25. And we even hired a woman preacher in 2002.

Originally CHMC had been located in Shihung-4-dong, Kumchungu, Seoul for 2 years. However it moved to Bong Chun-8-Dong Kwanak-Ku, Seoul in 2002 which is about 5 km away from the original area. Now CHMC belongs to Kwanak district of South Seoul Annual Conference, the Korea Methodist Church.

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