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SOCIETY Lee Eisler Service Award

2016  Michael Berumen
For his service as treasurer to the Society and editor of the BRS Bulletin.

2015  Alan Schwerin
In recognition of his many years of service to the Society as president, particularly renowned for his talent at organizing and presiding over the Society’s annual meetings.

2014  (none)

2013  (none)

2012  Raymond Perkins, Jr.
For years of outstanding service to the BRS, in particular as chair of the BRS Book Award committee, host of several excellent BRS annual meetings, and BRS vice-president.

2011  The Greater Russell Rochester Set (GRRS)
For providing unbelievably great support to the BRS year after year for several decades - in bringing new members to the group, in showing up en masse for the annual meeting year after year, in serving on committees and as officers of the Society and publishing the Society’s journal for several years, for the many enlightening talks its members have given at the annual meeting, and in many other ways.

2011  Warren Allen Smith
In grateful recognition of his promotion of human rights and the general cause of enlightenment.

2010  Thomas Stanley
For over two decades of service as BRS librarian and election committee chair.

2009  Dennis Darland
For his continued, dependable work as Society Treasurer.

1997  Dennis Darland.
For his fine, dependable work over many years as Society Treasurer.

1993  Gladys Leithauser

1992  Marvin Kohl

1991  Donald Jackanicz
For years of work and service, for always being there when help was needed, and in appreciation for being the founder of the Bertrand Russell Society Library and for, almost single-handedly, protecting that precious tradition known as the “Red Hackle Hour”.

1990  Kenneth Blackwell

1989  Harry Ruja

1988  Lee Eisler