The Baby Crow

Crow, pictured at 5 weeks of age. It was the light in those button eyes that helped me to recognize Crow as my puppy. The recognition, on both sides, was instantaneous. We knew we belonged together when we first saw each other. Crow was 9 days old.

You can pay Crow's mother and father a virtual visit at Flying Dog Press. Click on Hawk's Hunt German Shepherds, and go to the photo album. There's lots more at this site than German Shepherds, btw. It's well worth a visit!

Don't you just love the profile? This is Crow in one of her rare, still moments, allowing me to capture her beautiful profile for the camera.

Love at first sight. I'm the human in the picture. Crow had better get used to the cuddling! She's just irresistable.

A small glimpse of Bas, who is already wrapped around her tiny paw. When Crow comes home to join us at Magi in a few weeks, Bas has little idea of what awaits him. For this reason, it was recommended that Crow win his heart as soon as possible. This she did with no effort.

In this image, 9 and a half week old Crow has finally joined us at home. Here she is seen resting with Nokomis. Noko is a Field Spaniel, a relatively rare breed in the USA. She belongs to our friend, Sarah Elinskas. Noko has been teaching Crow how to play gently. They can wrestle non-stop for a very long time. They also take walks together in town, and don't mind sharing an ice cream cone.

Since this is Crow's baby album, and all good photo albums include pictures of family, here is a shot that includes Crow's canine mom, Otter (on the left), and her human dad, Bas (he's the one in the center, with two legs.) The others are little Crow's extended family, the dogs she knew in her first nine weeks. These are the beautiful dogs at Hawk's Hunt, bred by Suzanne Clothier. You can learn more about Suzanne and the Hawk's Hunt dogs by visiting Flying Dog Press on the world wide web.

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