Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, County Antrim  



Professor of History
Caspersen Graduate School



Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Co. Antrim.



1-3 December -    ‘Bloody Sunday in Popular Music’, The Island And The Arts: The 7th Biennial International Conference Of The Nordic Irish Studies,  Tromso University, Norway.
23-24 October  – ‘The Irish Hunger and its legacy in the US’, ‘Famine Echoes.  Ireland and the USA’, Seton Shrine, Manhattan.
1-2 October  - ‘Across the Barricades. Songs of the Troubles’, Re-viewing Ireland. Irish Culture in Words, Music and Images,  ACIS Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, Drew University, NJ.
14 September –‘Re-Discovering Speranza’,  Long Island Irish Cultural Society, Long Island, New York * (read review here)
25 March -  ‘Speranza. The Hope of the Nation’, Irish Literary Society, London.
30 January – ‘The International Response to the Irish Hunger’, The Irish American Heritage Committee, NYC Department of Education, NY.

6 November – ‘When Oscar Wilde met Walt Whitman’, The Irish in New Jersey Conference, Drew University, NJ.
18 September – ‘County Kerry and the Transatlantic Cable’, at Monmouth University, NJ.
2 July – ‘Ireland and the Communications Revolution: The Transatlantic Cable’, at Science and Technology in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.
18 May – ‘International Donations to Ireland during the Great Hunger’, Irish Consulate, New York
26 April – ‘From Bloomsday to the Blue Shirts: The experience of Jews in Ireland’, at passport to the Diaspora Day, Drew University


29 December – Athier Conference, Athens, Greece – ‘Ireland and the Transatlantic Cable’
 6 August -   Probis, NW England. ‘The Irish Famine and its Legacy’
 29 May – Canadian Association of Irish Studies, Toronto, ‘Speranza of the Nation’.


   6 December. St Lawrence University, USA. ‘Daniel O’Connell and American Abolition’.
   26 November. University of Central Lancs. ‘Women and Academic Publishing’.
   24 November. Working Class Movement Library, Manchester. (organiser and keynote speaker). ‘Remembering the Manchester Martyrs’.
  17 April. Irish Literary Society, London. ‘Irish Involvement in the Anti-Slavery Movement’.
  16 March. Sorbonne University, Paris. (Société Francaise des Etudes Irlandaises Conference) ‘Famine From Afar; Indian intervention in Ireland’s Great Famine’.

  1 December. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.  ‘Experiencing the Law. How united was the United Kingdom? The example of the Irish Poor Law’.
  5 October. Peace Movement, Belfast. Keynote speaker. ‘The Rocky Road to Peace. The physical force tradition in Ireland: a historical perspective’.
  15 September. Salve Regina University, USA. Memory and Commemoration in Nineteenth Century America. ‘The Irish Famine. Invisible memories and public memorials’.
  22 June.  Drew University The Construction of Irish American Identity. Keynote speaker “A League of Remarkable Gentlemen’ Irish-American identity and the 1848 uprising in Ireland’
  24-25 March. University of Central Lancashire, in conjunction with Irish Literary Society.  Organizer and Speaker. ‘Michael Davitt. The man and the myth’.

  11 November. Keynote Speaker at Mid-Atlantic Regional ACIS Annual Meeting, hosted by Drew University on ‘Ireland and Memory’. Paper given ‘Myth, Memory and Monarchy: Queen Victoria and Ireland’.
  9 November. Centenary College, NJ. ‘The Irish Famine. Lessons for intervention today’.
  1 October. Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester. “1848 in the North West of England’.
  17 August. Irish World Heritage Centre, San Diego. ‘The 1848 Uprising in Ireland’.
  14 August. Invited Speaker, at Irish-American Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. ‘The Legacy of the 1848 uprising on Nationalism and Unionism’.  
  1 July to 15 August. Visiting Professor, Drew University. Responsibility for supervision of D.Litt Students; teaching on D. Litt programme and grading of Comprehensive Examinations (Comps).
    23 to 25 June. Joint organizer and speaker at interdisciplinary and international conference held at University of Central Lancashire ‘1848: The Year that the World Turned?’ 
Lecture Tour, New York
    30 March, New York University. ‘Understanding the Great Famine’
    31 March, Seton Hall University, NJ, ‘The 1848 Rising in Ireland’
                      American Irish Historical Society, ‘Ireland’s Tsunami. International donations during the Great Hunger’.
    3 April, American Irish Unity Conference, ‘Irish Women and Nationalism, c.1798 to 1921’.
    5 April, College of St Rose, Albany, ‘Ireland’s Great Famine’
    6 April, City University, New York, ‘The New York Famine Curriculum’.
   16 February, Mayo County Library, ‘The Great Famine and County Mayo.


July and Aug – Visiting Professor at Drew University
July – keynote speaker, ‘Queen Victoria and Ireland’, Irish Conference, Chester College
May – keynote speaker, ‘1848 in Europe and America, ‘Celtic Connections Conference’, Helsinki University, Finland
March – National Irish Studies Conference (Manchester) ‘Radical Women in Ireland’.
February – Carleton College, Minnesota, USA. Invited to deliver annual Hefler Lecture ‘Remembering the Great Hunger’.

Jan- Aug – Visiting Professor, at invitation of Dean of Graduate Studies, at Drew University, New Jersey, USA. 
While there, I was also invited to give guest lectures to the Brehon Law Society of New York; the Irish Cultural Association, Phoenix, Arizona; the Irish Family History Association, St Paul, Minnesota; the Wild Geese, Connecticut; and guest speaker to mark the arrival in New York of the Jeannie Johnston ‘famine’ ship.

April - Salford University, ‘The Orange Order and the Creation of a Protestant Identity’
October - Rosscarberry Autumn School, keynote speaker, ‘1848 and the Land Question’.
October - Manchester Irish Club, ‘Ireland in Photographs’.

March - Drew University, USA, keynote speaker at international conference on ‘Ireland and America: Past, Present and Future’. ‘The Forgotten Revolution. American Aid to Ireland in 1848’
March - Cooper Union, New York, ‘The Orange Order and Sectarianism’
May - Irish Literary Society, London,  ‘The Irish Uprising of 1848’
June - University of Central Lancashire, International, Interdisciplinary Conference on Tourism ‘Reinventing Belfast: The Terrorist Trail for Tourists’
July - Parnell Summer School, Ireland, keynote speaker, ‘Marching to Drumcree. The History of the Orange Order’
December - Boston, USA, lecture tour:
·    St Anselm’s College, ‘Catholics Need Not Apply. The History of the Orange Order’
·    Boston College, ‘The Orange Order and Northern Ireland Politics’
·    Stonehill College, ‘The Great Hunger in Belfast’
·    Lesley College, ‘The Irish Famine: Survival in the Wake of an Unspeakable Disaster’
·    Holy Cross College, ‘ The Great Hunger and the birth of Republican Nationalism in America’
·    Merrimack College, ‘Ireland and the Break-up of the United Kingdom’
·    University of Massachusetts, ‘They Stole Trevelyan’s Corn. The Great Hunger in Popular Memory’
·    Irish Ancestral Research Association, Boston College, ‘The Elusive Irish Ancestor: paupers, police and prisoners’
·    New England Historical Genealogy Society, ‘The Elusive Irish Ancestor: saints, scholars and subversives’

February - University College, Galway, 'The History of the Orange Order'
March - Trinity College, Dublin, 'The Orange Order and Nationalist Politics in the Nineteenth Century'
April - University of Bristol, Urban History Conference, 'The Orange Order in Dublin and Belfast in the Nineteenth Century'.
May - Linen Hall Library, Belfast, United Irishmen Society, keynote speaker 'A Disunited Kingdom? Ireland and the Act of Union'.
University of Central Lancashire, Relocating Britishness Conference, 'The Orange Order and British Identity'
August - West Belfast Festival, 'The Famine in Belfast'
August - Famine Curriculum Centre, Derry, keynote speaker at the opening
September -  Quinnipiac University, USA, invited Keynote Speaker at international conference on The Irish Famine, 'The Hidden Hunger. The Famine in Belfast'
October - Manchester Irish Festival, 'Sectarianism in Nineteenth Century Ireland'


Goldsmiths College, London, 'Civil Rights and the Orange Order, c. 1795-1999'
Irish Cultural Festival, Bradford Town Hall, keynote speaker 'Ulster and the Great Hunger'.
Urban History Conference, St Catherine's College, Oxford,  'Marching Along the Queen's Highway. Conflicts of interest over boundaries, space and identity on the Twelfth of July in the North of Ireland'
Irish Literary Society, London, 'Forging a New Nation? The Creation of the United Kingdom'
North America, lecture tour:
·    Sullivan's Literary Society, New York, 'The Road to Drumcree. The Orange Order and the Marching Season'
·    Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles,  'The Famine in Ulster and its Legacy'
·    Public Service Radio Broadcast, San Francisco, 'The Future of the United Kingdom'
·    New College, University of San Francisco, 'Was the United Kingdom ever united?'
·    University of North Arizona, Phoenix, 'The History of the Orange Order in Ireland'
·    Rutgers University, New Jersey,  'A Disunited Kingdom? Were England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales ever united?
·    Conference at Riverside Church, New York, 'Sectarianism and Segregation, From Belfast to South Africa'. Also led a workshop on  'The Role of Education in Ireland'
University of Basque Country, Vitoria, Spain, 'The History of the Orange Order in Ireland'
National University of Ireland at Galway', keynote speaker 'Was Ireland a Colony? The Experience of the Great Famine'
Comhaltas Ceoltoiri, Eireann, Summer school, Princethorpe College, Warwickshire, keynote speaker  'Nationalism and Cultural Identity'

Cork University, Ireland
USA lectures: Rutgers University; Swarthmore College, Philadelphia; Florida Atlantic University
‘Famines in India and Ireland’, Montreal University
Institute of Management (Chester and Clwyd Branch) 'Philanthropy during the Great Irish Famine'.
St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill, London, 'Women and Ireland: Social, Historical and Cultural Perspectives'
Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland
AOH Centre, Derry on 'The Famine in the North of Ireland'.
Radio interview on BBC Radio Foyle and guest speaker at invitation of Lord Mayor of  Derry at ceremony to commemorate deaths on board Londonderryin December 1849

Irish Community Festival in Greenwich
Barry University, Florida
House of Commons, Famine Commemoration
New Delhi, India
USA lectures, including Notre Dame University and Rutgers University and the National Press Association in Washington