Drugs, Brains and Behavior


C. Robin Timmons & Leonard W. Hamilton

NOTE: The material in this textbook was originally published in 1990.
Readers should consult other resources for up-to-date information about
specific drugs and drug research.

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Chapter 1: Behavior and the Chemistry of The Brain

Chapter 2: General Methods of Brain/Behavior Analysis

Chapter 3: Psychopharmacological Concepts

Chapter 4: Specific Fears, Vague Anxieties And The Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 5: Pain and Other Stressors

Chapter 6: Depression and the Reward System

Chapter 7: Schizophrenia as a Model of Dopamine Dysfunction

Chapter 8: General Arousal

Chapter 9: Tolerance, Drug Abuse And Habitual Behaviors

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Available on the web both at Rutgers University and at Drew University.
Also available as a 2.2 MB .pdf file: dbb.pdf


Much of this work was previously published by Prentice Hall in 1990 as Principles of Behavioral Pharmacology. The copyrights have been assigned to the authors, C. Robin Timmons and Leonard W. Hamilton. This electronic version may be freely copied and distributed for educational and non-profit purposes with this message and full attribution to the authors.