About Me

By James On September 20, 2010 

This is my expanded "About" area. You obviously wanted to know a few things, so here you are:

I'm at Drew University in Madison, NJ . I'm currently working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, but that's not necessarily my limit. My language of choice at the moment is Java, since that's what the school would like that I use. Eventually, I'd like to learn Python and C/C++. I also know a rather large amount of PHP, and contrary to what you may think based on this site, I also know a fair bit of CSS. My favorite IDE isn't an IDE...when possible, I use a text editor and a command line to do my programming.

In my spare time, I play lots of games. My preferred console at the moment is "tabletop", so I've been playing a lot of old school RPGs: Dungeons and Dragons and Wraith, currently. If I'm playing video games, I prefer to go with a mouse and keyboard rather than a console of any type. I like fighting games, first person shooters, and puzzle-adventure games like Silent Hill.

Outside of that, I'm quite simple. Like many nerds, I can be found oogling at new gadgets, trying to figure out how to make my cell phone do things it was never intended to do, and working on pet projects, kind of like this website.