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By James On September 20, 2010 

This is the section where I'll be posting various pieces of my RPGing life. Until I've done that, here's some information you might find interesting:

Steam ID: samuraiBSD

I can usually be found playing Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead (1 and 2), CS:S, DoD:S, Killing Floor or Team Fortress 2 on Steam. You can email me to get my Borderlands information, since that's a much more personal game to me.

Dungeons and Dragons: The Four Toward Fate Campaign

I'm going to post a map of our current campaign with our path so far drawn on it. I'll be working on that in the coming days.

Our current campaign follows a set of four adventurers who met by chance in a freak storm. After being trapped in a long-forgotten dungeon and finding ancient treasure, the four decided to travel together, impressed by each other's skills, in search of even more adventure. So far, there isn't a huge overarching plot to our adventuring, but subsequent adventures will follow a story arc of larger proportions as we continue to head north along the coast.

My own character is named Jaden. He is a halfling rogue proficient in forced entry, stealthy movement and ranged combat. While unable to use magic normally, he is outfitted with a series magical items that make him a formidable enemy in combat, and a real pain to keep out of your vault.

Raised in a poor villiage, he and his two brothers routinely used stealth and subterfuge to steal food and goods from roving bands of merchants and from the bazaar in the much larger city nearby. In search of something more, Jaden went off to see the larger cities to the southeast. Along the way, he did his share of both good deeds and bad, and he considers himself to have a more or less balanced karma. He isn't much for the material, feeling that it is secondary to the "thrill of the hunt".

His weapons include an enchanted crossbow, throwing darts he recieved as a gift from a Dwarf woman, and a set of enchanted rods crafted from leather that are used to train adversaries to do his bidding, though this ability is rarely used. His companions include two wizards and a druid with a large and frightening dire badger.

Current Level: 5 (House rules make him kind of OP)

Latest Adventure: Found the bodies of two of four missing adventurers. Currently headed north to look for the other two.


This won't be updated much until my character, Derrick Grant, hits his stride.

In life, he was a hitman, but when he was killed by his employer while out on a job, he was sent to the underworld, and is now a Reaver, catching recently arrived souls and selling them into the mandatory slavery every Wraith must be subject to. Forced into contact with four other unfortunate souls, he and his Shadow hatch a malicious plot to get rich in the underworld while simultaneously trying to get vengeance on Derrick's killer.