michael christensen

Director of Shalom Initiative
for Prophetic Leadership and Community Development
Drew University



The Annual Henri Nouwen Lecture in Classical Christian Spirituality (Drew Univeristy)

The Fifth Trumpet: Apocalyptic Interpretations of 9/11 (Center for Millennial Studies, Boston University)

Calendars and Time in Apocalyptic Eschatology (Drew Global/Online DMIN program)

“Teaching from the Center:  Spirituality of the Heart in the Theology of Henri Nouwen” at Korean Society for Christian Education and Information Technology, Torch Trinity Divinity School, Seoul, Korea  (2006)

“Lessons of Chernobyl--20 Years After: A Case Study of Community Trauma” at Forum on Domestic Disaster Ministry sponsored by Church World Service at Princeton Theological Seminary (2006)

“Apocalyptic Interpretations of 9/11" at the Center for Millennial Studies Seventh International Academic Conference on Millennialism, Boston University (2002)

“The Fifth Trumpet: Apocalyptic Interpretations of 9/11" in the Millennialism Studies Group of National American Academy of Religion (2002)

“Nuclear Doomsday: Global Apocalypse Averted” at the Center for Millennial Studies Fifth International Academic Conference, Boston University (2000)

“The Romantic Theology of C. S. Lewis” at the Wheaton Theology Conference: Returning Theology to the Masses: A Reappraisal of C. S. Lewis. Wheaton, IL (1998)

“The Russian Idea of Apocalypse: Nikolai Berdyaev’s Theory of Russian Cultural Apocalyptic” at the Center for Millennial Studies Third International Academic Conference, Boston University (1998)

"Chernobyl Community Trauma: A new diagnosis for technological disaster" in the Socio-Psychological Problems of the Chernobyl Disaster Section of the Third International Congress: The World After Chernobyl, Minsk, Belarus (1996)

“The Chernobyl Prophecy” in the Millennialism Studies Group, American Academy of Religion (1996)

"Individuation and Theosis: Jung's Reconstruction of an Ancient Christian Theme" at the Religion, Person and Culture area of 1995 American Academy of Religion (1995)

“Cracking the Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact, Fiction and Supposition”, sponsored by Drew University Book Store (2005)

"Thomas C. Oden: A Retrospective" delivered at his Retirement Colloquium, Drew Theological School (2004)

"Theosis and Sanctification: John Wesley's Reformulation of a Patristic Idea” at the International Academic Conference on Theosis sponsored by the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies (2004)


“Insights from World’s Worst Nuclear Accident and Implications for Next Radiological Disaster” Chernobyl Symposium (2003)

“The Wormwood Star as Apocalyptic Marker of the End of an Age” Aquinas Seminar (2000)          

“C. S. Lewis on Scripture: A Challenge to Biblical Inerrancy” at Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina (2002)

”The Effulgence, Confluence and Effluence of the River of God Reflected in the Ganges” Guest lecturer, Hoseo University, Korea (2001)