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BRS Board and Society Meeting Minutes – 2008


St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
June 27, 2008

(from the November 2007 - August 2008 BRS Quarterly - #136-139)

The annual meeting of the board of directors of the Bertrand Russell Society was held on June 27, 2008 at St. John Fisher College. It was convened at 7:20 pm and presided over by Chad Trainer as chair.

Kenneth Blackwell (treasurer) summarized the financial situation of the Society as follows: bank balance, $3,500; guaranteed investment, $8,000; total investment, $11,500. He reported that Arlene Duncan is serving as bookkeeper for which the Bertrand Russell Research Centre is paid an annual compensation of $700.00. He stated that McMaster University needs a $5.00 increase from $25.00 to $30.00 per year in Society reimbursement for the cost of publishing Russell. On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the increase was approved.

The following individuals were duly nominated as officers for 2008-9, with the motions seconded and unanimously approved: chairman of the board, Chad Trainer; vice chairman, David White; president, Alan Schwerin; vice-president, Ray Perkins; treasurer, Kenneth Blackwell; secretary, David Henehan.

The location of the next meeting was discussed. John Lenz has offered Drew University. David Blitz offered Central Connecticut State University as a backup.

John Ongley and Rosalind Carey reported on the Quarterly. They intend to ask Lehman College to again help finance publication of the Quarterly.

Treasurer Kenneth Blackwell discussed the anticipated $2,800 shortfall in 2008 expenses ($8,100) over dues income ($5,300). He predicted that with the $5.00 increase in payment to McMaster to cover the costs of producing Russell the deficit will increase annually by $800. Ken recommended a minimum $5 dues increase. After discussion it was moved by Marvin Kohl, seconded and carried that we increase each dues category $10 beginning in 2009. This is the first dues increase since 1992.

Various motions were made and withdrawn concerning free first year subscriptions for new subscribers and other special membership prices. David Blitz proposed that every board member sponsor a new member and pay the membership fee. The motion passed (12 in favor, 1 opposed, 3 abstentions).

Kevin Brodie has resigned as head of the awards committee; no award was made by that committee this year.

Rosalind Carey reported on the Riga conference. The conference is asking for additional financial support from the BRS. On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was resolved that we do not make any further financial contribution in addition to the $1,000 authorized at last year’s meeting.

John Ongley announced that Routledge wants to “rent” our mailing list for promotion of its Russell books. After discussion, a motion made to approve was passed (7 in favor, 4 opposed).

Dennis Darland requested $83 for OCR scanning software. Ken Blackwell moved and John Ongley seconded a motion, which was unanimously passed, to approve the $83 expense and to limit access to the scanning project to BRS members. On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was resolved to designate Dennis Darland vice-president for electronic projects. As such he will have ex officio board membership.

Ken Blackwell discussed his moderating of the BRS list. On motion made by Peter Stone, seconded by Greg Landini, and unanimously carried, it was resolved that Ken continue his current policy of list moderation, and if in his judgment a communication is “highly uncivil” it shall, at his discretion, not be permitted on the list.

Peter Stone announced that the Secular Student Alliance inquired about a speaker’s bureau. On motion made by Cara Rice, seconded by Marvin Kohl and unanimously passed, it was resolved that we establish a speaker’s bureau of persons ready and willing to give public presentations about Russell.

There being no further business before the meeting, it was, on motion made and unanimously carried, adjourned.

September 10, 2008
Respectfully submitted,
David L. Henehan


June 28, 2008

President Alan Schwerin convened the annual meeting of the members of the Bertrand Russell Society on June 28, 2008 at St. John Fisher College at 1:35pm. Discussion involved increasing BRS membership. John Ongley suggested we should upgrade our website. Alan Schwerin suggested school competitions/art exhibits and essay contests. To Rosalind Carey’s note that BRS membership is aging and we need younger members, Ken Blackwell suggested a $20.00 trial/student membership category. Rosalind Carey suggested make CDs of the BRS talks and asked that we design a BRS logo.

On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was resolved that at least until the next annual meeting for the year, BRS will offer a $20.00 student membership category for any matriculated student.

Members also watched Warren Allen Smith, who was unable to attend, on audio/video.

There being no further business before the meeting, the meeting was, on motion made, seconded and unanimously approved, adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
David L. Henehan
Secretary, Bertrand Russell Society
September 10, 2008