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Living with a Host Family

The best way to practice your Spanish is to stay with a host family. In this way, you will get to know how people think about themselves; what makes them Spanish or Catalan; and what are the issues they like to discuss at dinner/lunch time. You will learn more about the Spanish way of living through informal conversations with your host family. We at the Spanish department believe that staying with a host family is the best way to learn about cultural differences, practice your Spanish, while eating exquisite Spanish home cooked meals.

Also you will be able to live independently because you will have your own keys.

The families who work with Unversidad Autónoma de Barcelona –International Programs, have been carefully selected and live close to the Universidad where classes will take place. Most of the times you will not need to take any bus or metro.
These families receive international students frequently, and they know how to take you in with a friendly and warm treatment from your very first day.

Your Spanish family will provide you with two meals: breakfast + dinner.

While living with a family, your clothes will be washed at least once a week.

Keep in mind that you cannot place phone calls from your host family's house, but you can receive them. Also, you can get a phone card in Barcelona or with your company back home and place calls from anywhere. Cell phones are also a good idea.


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