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Culture Course in Barcelona




Art, Politics, and the Mediterranean Experience in Spain.

This year (2007) the program will focus in the study of art and political institutions (Catalán government)


Place: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Edifici UAB-Casa Convalescència,
Sant Antoni M. Claret, 171,
08041 Barcelona
Tel : 93 433 50 60 | Fax : 93 433 50 66

Professor Cantero’s cell phone in Spain: 677-654386

Culture (4 cr.): Attendance at all lectures is mandatory and cultural portfolios will be expected from each student. Lectures will be given in English.

Students will be introduced to the rich Catalan culture with lectures and visits to nearby places of interest. Among them: Catedral de la Sagrada Familia, Gaudí houses, Picasso museum, etc. Talks and appropriate visits to places of historical, artistic, and cultural interest will be conducted throughout the weeks of June.
Students will meet professionals of political, social, and artistic institutions. Guest speakers will address contemporary social issues and concerns. These may include on-site visits to museums, governmental, and research institutions. Lectures will deal with topics such as immigration law and practices, the politics of language, Catalan political independence, etc.

Credits from this program may be applied to the general distribution requirements for language. The culture course may be applied to the language-in-context requirement as well as to European Studies Minor, and your major or minor in Spanish.

Cultural portfolios:

  1. Diary: English or Spanish (if you are enrolled in 106 or beyond). In-depth personal reactions of your own experience. One entry per day.
    GOAL: In what ways study abroad affected you and your vision of another culture
  2. Summarize of all lectures attended.
  3. Summarize of all museums visited.
  4. A global essay (4 pages) of a topic of your preference, of course, always related with:
    • Catalunya,
    • Spain,
    • Language learning process,
    • Or you could do some research on a topic important in your major, if other than Spanish but related to your learning experience abroad.

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