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"Barcelona was a great example of the great opportunities that Drew offers as an off campus expirience. After only my first year i was able to go to a place that almost seems like a completely different world. I was able to expirience first hand the the culture and way of life of Catalan people. The program is well set up to allow you to go to classes but also expirience things for yourself on your own time. Lastly, the trip was not only a lot of fun in Barcelona but I even got to take some side trips to places such as Rome, Madrid, and the class trip to Tenerife. It was overall an amazing experience and if i could i would go again in a hearbeat."  Franklin Maldonado

"I had a fabulous time in Barcelona--what a beautiful city! The length of
the program was great, too; it offered plenty of time to get to know the
city and to improve my Spanish, without tying up a full semester as in
most study- abroad programs. For me, a few of the more memorable events
were when I happened to see the King and Queen of Spain in the plaza one
day, as they were getting into their motorcade; visiting a dormant
volcano in the Canary Islands; and getting to know students from all
over the world (Japan, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil, to name a few
countries). Overall, participating in the Summer Program in Barcelona
was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it without reservation!" Jenna Moran

Photo Gallery: June 2004

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