European Semester Fall 2008

HIST 196/ ECON 150/ PSCI 152/ SOC 150

ORGANIZING THEME: On Being Foreign: Personal values and assumptions

This colloquium will examine the challenges of being "the other" in an unfamiliar culture. The experience of being foreign as well as the setting in which it occurs are multiple and varied. This topic will resonate on our student-participants in Belgium, a true mosaic of European cultures. There they will encounter obstacles to overcome and problems of adjustment. From discussions and consideration of their personal experiences they should have a greater understanding of the large movements of people in the European community. Short fiction, films, and theoretical readings will comprise the basis of our colloquium.

This course may include visits to immigrant workers' neighborhoods and organizations in and around Brussels and during the final stage of the program will include the visit to Barcelona. The experience of being foreign has the potential for working a significant transformation at the deepest level of an individual's sense of being.

SOC 168/Brussels: A European Mosaic (European Semester)
ECON 63/Economics of European Integration
PSCI 163/Politics of European Integration (European Semester)
HIST 168/Brussels: A European Mosaic (European Semester)


The Committee of the Regions
European Parliament
European Commission
Directorate-General for Translation
Council of Europe: Travel to Strasbourg, France.
European Economic and Social Committee
US mission to the EU
European Environmental Bureau
Council of the European Union
Historical and Modern tour visits of Brussels.


1. The European Employers Federation (UNICE)
2. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
3. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
4. European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA)

5. The College of Europe (Bruges)

6. The Port of Antwerp


7. The European Parliament

8. A rep. from Socialist M.E.P. UK delegation

9. A rep. from Peoples Party M.E.P. UK delegation

10. A rep. from Liberal and Democratic Party M.E.P UK delegation

10. A rep. from Green/Left M.E.P. UK delegation

11. Confederation of British Industry in Brussels (CBI-Brussels)

12. Association of London Govt. in Brussels

13. London's European Office in Brussels

14. European Women's Lobby

15. European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)

16. The European Consumer's Organization

Field trip: BARCELONA
Spain in Europe: a multicultural perspective