MAT 824/SPAN 180: Hispanic Study Seminar

Course Title:
The Filmic Discourse of Contemporary Spain

Course Description:
An advanced seminar on a topic relating to the language, culture, and/or literature of the Hispanic world. Emphasis on research and critical thinking.

Course Content:
Have you heard of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown? Have you seen All About My Mother? Do you know that in January 2003, Pedro Almodóvar (the Spanish filmmaker of these films) won a Golden Globe award for Talk to Her? Have you seen Volver, his latest film? Why are viewers and critics mesmerized by his works? What makes him so unique? Did you know that Luis Buñuel was a friend of the Catalan artist, Salvador Dalí? Well, in this course you will come to know not only these filmmakers, but also others who are my personal favorites. You might even learn the answer(s) to those questions. In preparation for this film adventure, we will explore major trends in modern Spanish literary, philosophical, and political thought captured by the lenses of these internationally recognized directors. We will enhance our background knowledge and understanding of film through appropriate articles and selected readings. Through this interdisciplinary approach, we examine the interstices of Spanish history and culture as constructed and deconstructed in film.